Breast Augmentation Surgery

What is Breast Augmentation Surgery?

breast augmentation surgery information

  • Breast Augmentation Surgery involves enlargement of the breasts through inserting implants into the breast area, usually in front or behind the pectoral muscle.
  • This breast enlargement surgery can appeal to women who have always had smaller breasts, or who once had fuller breasts that have lost volume and shape due to fluctuations in weight, pregnancy, breastfeeding or other factors.
  • Breast Augmentation can often reshape the breasts, as well as make then larger.
  • It can also be used to help correct breasts that are of unequal size or mal-positioned.
  • This procedure cannot correct severely drooping breasts, however, as sagging skin or excess skin and nipples with are very ptotic tend to require a Breast Lift, as well as an Augmentation, to appear fuller and more up-lifted.


Breast Enlargement Surgery with Breast Implants, with or without additional fat grafting, can help to:

  • Increase the volume & size of smaller breasts.
  • Improve the overall breast shape & nipple appearance.
  • Restore fullness and firmness to breasts which may appear empty after childbirth or other lifestyle factors.
  • Even up breasts that are asymmetrical in shape or size.

It is important to note that Breast Implant Surgery is a complex surgical procedure. At Cosmetic Surgery for Women & Men, our Breast Specialist Plastic Surgeons go above and beyond a traditional Breast Augmentation to get you an overall improvement.


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 Am I a good candidate for breast augmentation surgery?

  • Breast Augmentation Surgery can help to enhance the size and shape of your breasts. This procedure typically appeals to women with smaller breasts who would like to increase the size and/or shape of their breasts.
  • Breast Implants often appeal to women who find their breast size does not match the rest of their body and would like for their physique to be more proportionate.
  • Breast Implants can also help mothers and those who have experienced weight loss or other lifestyle changes that have resulted in a smaller or ‘deflated’ breast size.
  • Breast Implant Surgery can also be helpful for women with uneven or asymmetrical breasts who would like to even up their breast size and shape.
  • To be considered a suitable candidate for Breast Implant Surgery, you must have realistic expectations about what can be achieved.



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Reasons for choosing breast implants and augmentation surgery.


Some of the reasons you may be exploring your Breast Implant options for Breast Augmentation include:

  • You are unhappy with the current size and/or shape of your breasts – you want a fuller breast area and more cleavage.
  • Your breasts are smaller than you would like, yet are not overly saggy or drooping. (If your breasts are sagging, or your breasts and nipples droop down towards the navel area, then a Breast Lift procedure with or without augmentation may be a more suitable procedure option.)
  • You have lost volume in your breasts and would like them to return to their previous size before pregnancy, breastfeeding or weight loss.
  • You feel limited in your clothing choices due to your breast size.
  • The size of your breasts doesn’t match the rest of your body and you would like your breasts to be more in proportion with your body shape and overall physique.
  • Your breasts are uneven or asymmetrical in size and/or shape.


Planning your surgery

Mentor Allergan women-implants-round-anatomical

There are many aspects to consider when planning for Breast Augmentation Surgery, including the breast implant size, shape, type & placement of your implants.

Your Surgeon will guide you in choosing the best implant and procedure for you, although you should have an idea of your options when it comes to breast implants.

A well-planned Breast Augmentation surgery can give you a more balanced look, the breast shape or size you desire, as well as help to minimise scarring.


 Breast Implant Brand

Be sure to check what brand of breast implants your Surgeon uses as not all brands on the market are equal in reputation and longevity.

We use and recommend only quality, recognised implant brands including Mentor and Allergan. These brands have a great track record of durability, placement stability, longevity and breast shape control.


Breast Implant Type


Saline Breast Implants are filled with sterile salt water. Some are pre-filled and others are filled during surgery.


Silicone gel-filled breast implants are preferred by many women as they are believed to feel more like real breasts than saline implants. Both Saline & Silicone implants come in different sizes, shapes and textures.


Implant Shape

Round Breast Implants

Round implants can create soft, round and nicely proportioned breasts and are available in both a smooth & textured surface.

Anatomical Breast Implants 

Anatomical implants tend to provide more contrast in shape between upper & lower parts of the breast. They must have a textured surface to reduce movement within the breast pocket.

In women with moderate amounts of breast tissue, it can often be hard to tell what type of implant has been used.

When implants have been inserted well surgically, and have settled into their resting position – it can be difficult to differentiate between a round or an anatomical one. They can both achieve similar results and no-one would guess. Implant selection is something, you as a patient and your surgeon will discuss and decide together. Everyone is different.


Breast  Implant Texture

Smooth Breast Implant

Smooth surface have a softer feel and generally are less likely to cause ripples that could show through the skin.

Textured Breast Implant

Textured implants reduce the risk of implant movement due to the rough surface that adheres to breast tissue.


Breast Implant Placement

There are three common approaches for Breast Implant placement:

  • In front of the pectoral muscle
  • Behind the pectoral muscle
  • Partially behind the muscle (Dual plane)

Submuscular (Breast Implant Placement)

Placing the implant underneath the pectoral muscle allows the soft tissue to cover the implant and disguise it, therefore achieving a more natural result.

More often a surgeon will recommend to place the implant behind the pectoral muscle.

Subglandular (Breast Implant Placement)

If there is already a good volume of breast tissue present to hide the defined implant edges, your surgeon may recommend placing the implant in front of the pectoral muscle.

Each of these methods offer a different type of result. Your Surgeon will be able to recommend the best breast implant placement approach for you depending on your desired outcome.


Incision Location for Breast Implants

Inframammary Incision

The most common incision which is made in the crease beneath the breast. This provides the most direct access & is the most reliable approach for achieving a symmetrical result.

Periareolar Incision

This incision is placed around the lower half of the areola at the junction with the breast skin to ensure the scar is less visible. This method is not commonly used, as it is suggested that it may result in more complications or interrupt the function of the breast nipples (breastfeeding, for example, or nerve endings).

Transaxillary Incision

This ‘armpit area’ incision is ideal for Asian patients and those prone to keloid scarring. It involves incisions into the armpit.




Breast Implant Size

breast implant surgery for breast enlargement

Choice of implant size will vary from person to person and can depend on your body proportions & amount of breast tissue.

It is important to be realistic with your desired breast size and consider your surgeon’s advice on what will work best for you & your body in the long term.

So, what will my Surgeon and I need to decide on in relation to my Breast Augmentation options?

Breast Implant Brand – Be sure your Surgeon uses only top quality implant brands.

Breast Implant Type – Saline or Silicone?

Breast Implant Shape – Round or Anatomical?

Breast Implant Size – A size that will work for you body shape & maintain long-term results.

Breast Implant Texture – Smooth or Textured?

Breast Implant Placement – In front or behind your pectoral muscle?

Breast Pocket Incision Location – Your Surgeon will help to decide the best incision location for your particular surgery.

An experienced and highly qualified Specialist Plastic Surgeon will be able to guide you to make the right decisions for your Breast Augmentation Surgery. They will help to achieve the best possible results that are reflective of your needs and expectations.

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Unsure about having breast augmentation surgery or breast enlargement procedure option will be best for you?

Our Specialist Plastic Surgeons located in Melbourne will be able to assess your desired goals and suggest the best options for your Breast Augmentation Surgery.

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Before and After Breast Augmentation Surgery

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Before and after Breast augmentation Dr Rebecca Wyten

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Breast Augmentation Surgery Checklist

Before you decide on your Surgeon or proceed with Breast Implant Surgery, there are a few important questions to consider:

  • Is my preferred Surgeon a highly skilled, FRACS qualified & experienced Specialist?
  • Is my Breast Implant surgery going to be performed in a fully accredited Hospital?
  • Am I in good health and do I maintain a nutritionally healthy lifestyle?
  • Do I have realistic expectations about what Breast Implant surgery can actually achieve?
  • Am I choosing to have surgery for the right reasons and at the right time?
  • Am I able & willing to undergo an initial recovery period of approximately 4-6 weeks?
  • Do I have someone (a friend, partner or relative) who can assist me during my recovery; and am I patient to wait until all the swelling goes down before I see my final results?



What is the breast augmentation surgical procedure?

breast augmentation implant surgery melbourne

The procedure itself generally lasts for 2-4 hours, (this will vary from patient to patient) and is performed while you are under general anaesthesia.


  • Medications and General Anaesthesia are administered for your comfort during your Surgical procedure.

The Breast Implant Incision

  • There are a number of surgery options and incision approaches to Breast Implant

Inserting and Placing the Breast Implant

After the incision is made, your chosen breast implant is inserted into a precise surgical pocket either:

  • In front of the pectoral muscle
  • Behind the pectoral muscle
  • Partially behind the muscle (Dual Plane)

Closing the Incisions

  • At the end of the operation, your incision is closed with dissolving stitches placed deep into the skin surface.
  • This often means that no stitches will need to be removed following surgery, for most patients.
  • Our Surgeons also prioritise ‘No Drain’ procedures to give you a drain free recovery period whenever this is feasible (and in a standard breast augmentation procedure by a Breast Specialist, it is unusual for drain tubes to be used).
  • The suture (incision) line is covered with a water proof dressing and a soft crop top bra is fitted.

Recovery & Healing After a Breast Augmentation

  • You’ll be given clear instructions for post-operative healing & care, including what garments to wear and what else to do to maximise your surgical results, minimise scarring and facilitate your recovery processes.
  • You’ll have ready access to the Patient Care Team and/or to your Surgeon following your Surgical Procedure should you have any urgent questions or needs.
  • Although you will be able to see the results of your Breast Implant Surgery almost immediately, it can take up to 4-6 weeks for post-surgical swelling to resolve properly.



TIP: Keep your expectations realistic AND aim to choose the right Surgeon for YOUR needs: A FRACS membership plus decades of experience performing Breast Augmentation Surgery is a good place to start. DO follow ALL pre-surgery and post-surgery instructions to help optimise results.  Read about our FRACS Qualified Surgeons.


Frequently Asked Questions About Breast Augmentation Options and Procedures


Does breast Augmentation Surgery hurt? Is it very painful to get breast implants put in?

  • Most surgery does involve discomfort and pain during the initial post-surgery healing periods.
  • It can be difficult to predict discomfort levels for each individual patient, as there are many variables to consider.
  • Discomfort after surgery is also subjective to each patient based on their perception an sensitivity to pain.

Fortunately most pain experienced during your healing period, particularly in the days just following your Surgery, can be manageable by following  your Surgeon’s recommendations and post-surgery instructions precisely.

What steps can be taken to minimise pain after having breast augmentation/breast implants ?

Our Specialist Plastic Surgeons are dedicated to keeping you as comfortable as possible during your pre-operative sessions, your surgical procedure and your healing & recovery time following surgery.

  • We aim to do all we can to get you back to your normal life as soon as possible.
  • Some of what helps heal is entirely under your control, and some not. So ask us for our tips and read your POST OP healing guidebook that comes with your Surgery and Rapid Recovery package.

A Post-Surgery Rapid Recovery Pack is provided to patients which includes products proven to accelerate your healing. Getting good sleep can also help.

When can i return to work after getting Breast Implants?

  • The time taken to recover before returning to work or other daily activities, such as driving, often varies from patient to patient, and will depend on your particular Breast Surgery procedure.
  • Typically most patients find they can return to work 2-3 weeks following surgery. If your work is highly physically demanding, it may take longer before you are able to return.

How long until I can exercise after Breast Augmentation surgery?

Our Specialist Plastic Surgeons typically advise that you should wait at least 4-5 weeks before returning to mild to strenuous forms of exercise. However, you must advise your Surgeon before you return to any form of exercise or other similar activities.

Will i need to stay in hospital overnight after Breast Surgery?

An overnight stay in Hospital may be required for Breast Augmentation Surgery procedures, so patients can be properly monitored and receive the best quality care.

Your chosen Surgeon will be able to advise you further about the length of your hospital stay and your post-surgery care requirements.


TIP: Surgery advice is individualised. Your chosen Plastic Surgeon will be able give you personalised advice on when you can return to work and other daily activities.



Top Cosmetic Surgeons for Breast Augmentation: Make sure you choose a Specialist Plastic Surgeon and not just a GP or Cosmetic Surgeon – look for FRACS and ISAPS, ASAPS or ASPS.

Our Team’s top Surgeons for Breast Augmentation include Dr Craig Rubinstein, Dr Doug McManamny, Dr Geoff Barnett, Dr Rebecca Wyten, Dr Richard Sackelariou and Dr Richard Maxwell.

Our Clinics also focus on body contouring after pregnancy or weight loss, body sculpting with liposuction, facelift or eyelid surgery and Rhinoplasty/nose reshaping.  Find out which Specialist Plastic Surgeon is best for your cosmetic surgery goals by phoning our Patient Care Team on (03) 8849 1444.

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