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Breast Augmentation Surgery (breast implant surgery) is a breast-volume enlargement procedure. Inserting breast implants through breast augmentation operations helps provide more fullness, volume and shape to breast tissues in women who have less-developed breast tissues, asymmetrical breasts or tuberous breasts.

  • The breast augmentation operation takes between 1 and 2 hours to perform under general anaesthesia, and is best performed by a highly trained Plastic Surgeon. It involves choosing either cohesive-gel silicone implants, saline implants and/or fat grafting to the breasts for preferred size increases and breast shaping.
  • An alternative to breast augmentation for women with breast ptosis or deflated-looking breasts is a breast augmentation combined with a breast lift, for volume and nipple uplifting.

Breast Augmentation Surgery: Procedure, Costs, Recovery and Recommended Ages – Melbourne or Sydney

  • The minimum recommended age for a Breast Augmentation is 22 years for two reasons:
    • the breasts are more fully developed by then
    • patients over 22 have more maturity to make an important surgical decision than younger patients not yet reaching adulthood
  • The majority of women seeking breast augmentation are between 20 and 50 years of age, with popular age groups being between 22 and 38 but an increasing number of women in their late 40s and 50s getting breast augmentation using breast implants.

The cost of breast augmentation surgery (breast implants) in Melbourne and Sydney can vary depending on which Surgeon you select (fully qualified surgeons have higher fees than junior doctors or less credentialed doctors such as GPs or skin disease doctors who perform cosmetic breast surgery in their clinic back rooms).

+-Breast Augmentation and Breast Implant Prices in Melbourne and Sydney

  • Quotes for the cost or price of Breast Augmentation may or may not be inclusive of all expenses – it is worth investigating WHAT is actually covered – and NOT covered – in your quote.
  • Re-operation is part of having breast augmentation and the time this is needed can vary from patient to patient, but reoperation is expected within 10 years.
  • The number one reason people seek revision surgery is a breast implant size change – yet another reason to choose a bonafide Plastic Surgeon who has expertise in helping you select the proper implant and breast prosthesis size.
  • Motiva and Mentor are the two TOP brands used by Plastic Surgeons in Australia.
  • Cosmetic Surgeons are NOT permitted to offer Motiva brand implants. Nor can a Cosmetic Surgeon operate in Australian hospitals; because they LACK the extensive skills training and surgical examinations that a FRACS credentialled Plastic Surgeon has completed over 12 years.

+-What are the key benefits of Breast Enlargement Surgery or fat grafting?

  • Increase the volume & size of smaller breasts.
  • Improve the overall breast shape & nipple appearance.
  • Restore fullness and firmness to breasts which may appear empty after childbirth or other lifestyle factors.
  • Even up breasts that are asymmetrical in shape or size.
  • Increase upper pole volume and breast curvature.
  • Correct for tuberous breasts or breast differences (customised procedures)

It is important to note that even though Breast Augmentation is very popular across the world, it is still a serious surgery and should never be taken lightly.  Be sure you know the difference between a Plastic Surgeon vs a Cosmetic Surgeon.

+-What risks do I need to think about before having Breast Augmentation using implants or fat grafting?

  • Breast Augmentation Surgery using Breast Implants is a complex surgical procedure.
  • It is invasive and you will be under general anaesthetic for about 1 to 2 hours.
  • Risks will be given to you during a consultation, where you can ask questions and find out more. You’ll be given these risks in an information sheet to take home and read about.
  • There is a 7 day cooling off period before you can have Breast Augmentation or other forms of breast surgery or cosmetic plastic surgery.
  • Be sure you feel 1000% comfortable with your choice of Surgeon and your decision, and never have surgery to please anyone other than yourself.
  • Understand surgery and recovery can be an emotional period of time (read about post-surgery emotions during recovery after plastic surgery).
  • As part of our premier Group of Surgeons, our Specialist Plastic Surgeons go well above and beyond a traditional Breast Augmentation, fully customising your procedure and size and position selections to help you get an overall aesthetic improvement whether that’s a mini-breast augmentation or a larger volume enhancement.

+-Breast Augmentation Statistics - Average Ages of Breast Surgery Patients

  • The procedure remains one of the most popular of all Plastic Surgery procedures, with Liposuction coming in as the most popular requested procedure followed by Breast Augmentation, Rhinoplasty and Eyelid Surgery procedures.
  • Age of patients having Breast Augmentation – Statistics: About 47% of breast augmentation patients are between 20 and 35 and about 32% are between 35 and 50 years of age.
  • Breast Augmentation has been performed for well-over 60 years.
  • The first breast augmentation using silicone implants was performed in 1961, with the first combined breast lift and augmentation following in the year 1962.

+-Breast Augmentation and Breast Implant Development through time

  • American Plastic Surgeons Thomas Cronin and Frank Gerow along with the Dow Corning Corporation are credited with developing the first silicone breast prosthesis using silicone gel as content materials.
  • The name of the first Dow Corning implant prosthesis was called the Cronin–Gerow Implant, prosthesis model 1963.
  • Early implants were known to have some problems and advanced have been made in implant manufacturing to make implants more robust and less likely to leak, including the latest implant model on offer, Motiva brand implants in round or teardrop shape.


  • Breast Augmentation using silicone implants such as from Mentor or Motiva is sometimes referred to colloquially as a ‘boob job’ in Australia.
  • New models of breast implants are manufactured with safety in mind.
  • Research into ALCL continues but at the present time, the incidents are believed to be extremely rare and most implants are well-tolerated by patients; this is also potentially linked to only certain types of implants; bacteria during insertion is another research target and why it’s helpful to ensure your surgeon is highly dedicated to proper operation room standards and sterilisation procedures and anti-bacterial measures. Ask your Surgeon how they accomplish this important measure for improved breast surgery patient-safety and sanitisation.

+-Who are the most skilled breast augmentation surgeons in Melbourne or Sydney?

Breast Augmentation Surgery is one of the signature plastic surgery treatments available from Specialist Plastic Surgeons with FRACS qualifications. A cosmetic surgeon is NOT the same as a Plastic Surgeon, so be sure you check your Surgeon’s details and verify their status and training through medical boards and Plastic Surgery Groups.

  • Look for FRACS (Plas) and also for ISAPS, ASAPS or ASPS.  If your Surgeon is not FRACS they do not have a specialty in surgery and if they are not FRACS (Plas) they are not specialist plastic surgeons; they are more likely to be a less-trained doctor such as a GP or skin disease doctor.
  • At our large group of some of Melbourne’s most elitely trained Surgeons, with offices in Hawthorn, Berwick as well as Sydney (Double Bay), we can recommend which Surgeon to explore your options with during a consultation.
  • Then, the decision is entirely up to you.
  • We suggest doing adequate research online, reading reviews and asking for recommendations, and meeting with at least TWO fully-qualified Plastic Surgeons at our Clinics so you can get a sense of how your Surgeon communicates, cares for patients, explains the operations, helps you choose an implant size, and perform their procedures.

Phone us on 1800033333 or (03)88491444 to ask us which of our leading Plastic Surgeons performs surgery in a nearby location to your residence.

+-Cost of Breast Augmentation: What is the average price or cost for a Breast Augmentation Surgery using Breast Implants - in Melbourne or Sydney? Consumer price comparisons and warnings about Breast Augmentation Specials

  • Discounted surgery offers in Sydney resulted in later law-suits that are the subject of large enquiries into cosmetic surgery in Australia. Watch the 4 Corners Report here about patient safety warnings and discounted or low-cost breast augmentation advertisements from less-trained, non-FRACS Surgeons.
  • Experts in Surgery who have FRACS qualifications and belong to ASAPS, ASPS, ISAPS and more have dedicated ongoing education, advanced training and over 12 years of post-medical degree surgery experience and training. This is why they are not as low in cost or price as less trained surgeons, but if you take into account the quality of service AND the likelihood of a botched job if you choose a less-trained Surgeon, it’s worth investing in a genuine Specialist Plastic Surgeon. Remember, revision surgery is NOT inexpensive in cost.
  • These Surgeons have FRACS (Plas) recognition as having advanced training and monitoring to become an elitely trained Surgeon in the field of Plastic, Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery.
  • Specialist Plastic Surgeons are NOT the same as just a GP or skin doctor (Dermatologist) who later decided to expand into cosmetic breast surgery or eyelid surgery WITHOUT undergoing formal Plastic Surgery specialist training to gain AHPRA recognition.
  • GPs and non-Plastic Surgeons do NOT have the same training, operating privileges in hospitals, insurance status and other factors as Plastic Surgeons with FRACS.

Are all doctors who perform breast  surgery the same?

Watch the FOUR CORNERS Report into the Cosmetic Surgery industry by non-Plastic Surgeons – Cosmetic Doctors who operate are NOT the SAME as a Plastic Surgeon with FRACS.

+-Why our Melbourne and Sydney Surgeons are some of the most sought-after Surgeons for Breast Surgery

  • At our top Melbourne based Consulting Clinics, you’ll get best-practice breast surgery planning and excellent breast augmentation post-op care including post-surgery follow-up reviews, along with great specials on skin care and facials at the Coco Ruby Skin & Anti-Ageing Clinic.
  • You’ll also get to choose between ROUND or TEARDROP shaped quality breast implants manufactured with sanitation, patient-safety and durability in mind, made by Motiva or Mentor, which are highly respected brands used frequently by Plastic Surgeons and Breast Surgery Masters.
  • Our Surgeons are experts at helping women choose the right size for their physique, current breast tissues and breast augmentation surgery goals.
  • Best of all, you’ll benefit from Vectra 3D and/or Crisolix photographic technologies, bra sizers and extensive measurements, to discover which size, shape and style of breast of implant will suit your physique.
  • We also offer two types of insertion options: armpit insertion for more pigmented skin types that scar readily, and under-the-breast-crease IMF incisions for most patients having primary or revisional surgery.


You’ll also get honest advice on what your results might look like. That noted, you need to take into account that EVERY patient is different. Results do vary and all invasive surgery carries risks.

Our consulting rooms for Breast Augmentation by expert Plastic Surgeons are available in MELBOURNE and SYDNEY.

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Or phone our offices for appointments and preliminary Surgery information – our team helps patients who are seeking Breast Augmentation in Melbourne, Berwick/Mornington Peninsula, Double Bay, Sydney and Bondi.


Realistic Examples of Breast Augmentation Surgery Results (Before & After Photos of Breast Implant Surgery)

Visit our Gallery of Images for more Before & After Breast Augmentation photographs.

Frequently Asked Questions about Breast Augmentation Surgery: Basic Knowledge

For detailed information, phone us and request a GUIDE book or send an enquiry form. We are here to help with a friendly, highly knowledgeable and caring Patient Care Phone Team reachable on 03 8849 1444 or 1800033333 (ask for Michelle, Donna, Lauren or Lyshai).


Breast Augmentation Surgery Guide: Time frames, Recovery, Healing, Exercising after Surgery and more

Patients really enjoy reading the GUIDE book (PDF format) before they have a consultation. It’s evidence-based information that is genuine and honest about surgery, rather than some of the misinformation you might read about on the web! It’s a great starting point to explore your Breast Enlargement surgery options and which type of implants might be best to meet your goals. We also discuss the benefits and risks of potential liposuction and fat-transfer to breasts.

+-Should I get implants or fat transfer for breast augmentation?

  • The decision to have ANY cosmetic plastic surgery procedure – breasts or otherwise – is a very personal one.
  • Surgery decisions are best made with thoughtful contemplation and accurate medical knowledge and research into the benefits and risks of breast augmentation procedures.
  • Seeing a fully qualified local Specialist Plastic Surgeon is a good start; and most professionals recommend 2 consultations with 2 different PLASTIC SURGEONS so you can get a sense of who they are, how they do things and whether you think they’re best for you. Sometimes you’ll meet a Surgeon and just KNOW it’s the right one – even so, make sure they are FRACS qualified and have membership in at least one of the following Surgical excellence groups: ASAPS, ISAPS and/or ASPS (Aus or USA).
  • Be sure you recognise differences between a discount cosmetic surgeon or GP vs a bonafide Specialist Plastic Surgeon.

In general, if you want larger breasts, it can be a good solution for you so long as you keep your expectations realistic and recognise future surgery or replacement or removal is required at a later stage. The timing of these future surgeries can vary from patient to patient.

  • If you have good skin health and are generally healthy, and have realistic expectations about what having larger breasts will (and won’t) do to your appearance, fashion choices and lifestyle – you might be a suitable candidate to proceed with a breast augmentation procedure.
  • Make sure you’re a dedicated non-smoker who is also willing and able to take time to have surgery and to allow for adequate recovery.
  • This means a bit of time off normal duties and activities including exercising or competitive sports.
  • Read our blog on breast augmentation for thin individuals and/or body builders.

+-What can custom breast augmentation achieve in terms of size increases and volume or cleavage?

  • Breast Augmentation Surgery with breast implants for larger increases and/or fat transfer for small increases or cleavage contouring CAN help to enhance and increase the size, shape and general position of your breasts.
  • But there are limitations to surgery results, depending on your chest width and chest shape, breast base width, existing tissues, skin health/skin ptosis, asymmetry, nipple distance and torso proportions.
  • Surgery to enlarge breasts typically appeals to women with smaller breasts or misshapen breasts, who would like to increase the size and/or shape of their breasts for more volume or curvature AND/OR treat asymmetry of the breasts (a more complex procedure than a breast augmentation depending on the degree of asymmetry and willingness to consider a lift or reduction).

+-How does my HEALTH and eating habits impact my breast augmentation results?

  • It is very, very important you are a non-smoker and that you have good health habits including adequate nutrition and rest, as these habits aid your healing and recovery and can have an impact on your surgery recovery and scar healing processes.
  • If you have an eating disorder or poor nutrition, or resort to extreme dieting around the time of your surgery, it will likely negatively impact your breast augmentation results as you might not be getting adequate nutrition.
  • You’ll need to wait before resuming lifting, exercising and high-impact sports.
  • You’ll need to wear a support bra 24/7 and understand how to maintain good skin health and wound healing.
  • Our SCIENCE AND LOVE post-op surgery pack has a lot of healing aids and supplements well worth following re your Surgeon’s instructions (may be available in Melbourne only not in Sydney – ask your Surgeon).

+-What happens to breasts that are uneven in size BEFORE a Breast Augmentation procedure?

Women with different sized breasts may investigate breast augmentation options, even if they have nicely shaped breast tissues, simply because they want MORE body balance or a slightly larger chest size.

  • Breast Implants often appeal to women who find their breast volume or shape does not seem to match the rest of their body; they wish for their physique to be more proportionate or to have more cleavage, roundness, perkiness and/or upper pole fullness in their chest area.
  • Breast Implants can also help women after pregnancy; as well as women who experienced weight loss after obesity OR experienced other lifestyle changes or illnesses that have resulted in a smaller or ‘deflated’ breast size.
  • Breast Implant Surgery can also be helpful for women with uneven or asymmetrical breasts who would like to even up their breast size and shape; but you must discuss your potential results with your Surgeon in detail (as even after surgery, breasts will never be perfectly symmetrical – it’s just not a human outcome as bodies are always asymmetrical).

To be considered a suitable candidate for Breast Implant Surgery, you must have realistic expectations about what can be achieved.

  • Beware, however, the tendency to choose implants that are too large for your body or your skin health, as they can increase your risk of experiencing premature sagging or bottoming out.
  • Read the blogs on MINI breast augmentation or LARGER breast augmentation size choices (Mentor and Motiva).

+-Which incision location for breast implant insertion is best for Surgery scars? Under the breast or in the armpit area?

breast augmentation incision locations - under armpit vs under breast vs around the nipple periareolar

The most popular location for a Breast Augmentation incision is under the breast near the fold. Transaxillary incision or ‘Armpit Incision’ breast implant insertion sites are typically used for patients with a history of scarring problems. This is also called an Asian Breast Augmentation because more pigmented skin types can be prone to keloid scar formations after having surgery for breast implants. Under the armpit, the scars may be less visible or fade into the natural skin folds under the armpit (they may be visible when the arms are raised, however).

An Inframammary Incision is under the breast (in the breast crease) – and is the most common incision line area for Breast Augmentation Surgery by a Plastic Surgeon

  • The most common incision which is made in the crease beneath the breast.
  • This provides the most direct access & is the most reliable approach for achieving a symmetrical result.

Transaxillary Incision (Asian Breast Augmentation)  This ‘armpit area’ incision is ideal for Asian breast surgery patients and those prone to keloid scarring. It involves incisions into the armpit.

Periareolar Incision This incision is placed around the lower half of the areola at the junction with the breast skin to ensure the scar is less visible. This method is not commonly used, as it is suggested that it may result in more complications or interrupt the function of the breast nipples (breastfeeding, for example, or nerve endings). Our team believes the risks of this procedure far outweigh the benefits and hence we perform more trusted and proven methods such as the inframammary incision and the under-armpit incision methods.

What decisions will I be making before I have Breast Implant Surgery?

Logistic Decisions

  1. Surgeon – which type and who? Check your Plastic Surgeon’s online reviews and meet them during a consultation. If they are not FRACS or don’t feel ‘right’ to you, and they don’t have hospital operating rights, tread with caution. Be sure you’ve watched the Four Corners investigation into the cosmetic surgery industry and review.
  2. Where you’ll have Surgery – hospital? Clinic back room?
  3. Surgery Date – waiting periods apply. Surgery needs to be paid for completely 2 weeks in advance of your theatre date. A deposit holds your surgery theatre date.
  4. Recovery period – Where you’ll recovery, how long you’ll need to be off work or exercise or competitive sports after breast augmentation, who will help you as you heal.

Technical Operation Decisions

  1. Breast Implant Brand – Be sure your Surgeon uses only top quality implant brands.
  2. Breast Implant Type – Saline or Silicone?
  3. Breast Implant Shape – Round or Anatomical?
  4. Breast Implant Size – A size that will work for you body shape & maintain long-term results.
  5. Breast Implant Texture – Smooth or Textured?
  6. Breast Implant Placement – In front or behind your pectoral muscle?
  7. Breast Pocket Incision Location – Your Surgeon will help to decide the best incision location for your particular surgery, such as under the breast (most popular) or in the armpit area (for people with scarring concerns due to highly pigmented skin or keloid scar tendencies).

An experienced and highly qualified Specialist Plastic Surgeon will be able to guide you to make the right decisions for your Breast Augmentation Surgery. They will help you to understand which decisions will impact on the quality of your results and which are reflective of your needs, existing skin and body proportions, and reasons for having surgery (your surgery result expectations).

Download Our Breast Augmentation Guide

Our Specialist Plastic Surgeons located in Melbourne will be able to assess your desired goals and suggest the best options for your Breast Augmentation Surgery.

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Photos? Before and After Breast Augmentation Surgery Results Image Gallery.

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Case Studies, Examples and Photographs of Breast Surgery Results

Before and After Breast Augmentation Surgery – quick sampling

Visit our GALLERY for more information.

Augmentation for more upper pole cleavage and volume (Surgery Case Example)

surgery case study - breast augmentation surgery for ptotic breasts - case example BEFORE & AFTER PHOTO

Augmentation for more upper pole volume and larger, glamorous-style cleavage (Surgery Case Example)

surgery case study - breast augmentation surgery for ptotic breasts - case example BEFORE & AFTER PHOTO

Conditions that may be helped by Breast Augmentation Surgery with Breast Implants:

  • tuberous breasts (tuberosity or pointed-looking breasts)
  • low-volume breasts or underdeveloped breasts
  • mildly ptotic breasts (mild sagging)
  • asymmetric breasts (uneven breasts)
  • upper pole dimensions/lack of upper pole cleavage

Want to see more photographs of Breast Augmentation/Breast Implant Surgery Results from Melbourne and Sydney Specialist PLASTIC Surgeons (FRACS)?

Visit the Galleries to see results for Breast Augmentation for tuberous breast (tuberosity) to attain fullness and roundness to the breast profile.


See more Before & After Photos of Breast Augmentation Surgery for a variety of body and breast shapes.

(c) All rights and photo rights reserved. Photos that are of patients of our clinic team are watermarked accordingly.

Top Surgeons for Breast Augmentation: Make sure you choose a Specialist Plastic Surgeon and not just a GP or Cosmetic Surgeon – look for FRACS and ISAPS, ASAPS or ASPS

Our Team’s top Surgeons for Breast Augmentation include Dr Craig Rubinstein, Dr Doug McManamny, Dr Geoff Barnett, Dr Rebecca Wyten, Dr Richard Sackelariou and Dr Richard Maxwell.

Find out why surgery costs and surgery prices differ for Breast Augmentation in Melbourne and Sydney.

Read about PRICING of breast implants and breast augmentation surgery using Motiva and Mentor and why costs vary.

Our Clinics also focus on body contouring after pregnancy or weight loss, body sculpting with liposuction, facelift or eyelid surgery and Rhinoplasty/nose reshaping.

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Get the Guide to Breast Augmentation Surgery from types of breast implants to time in theatre to implant placement options, healing and recovery.

For more information about Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery options and research in Australia.

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