Bingo Arms be Gone – Brachioplasty ‘Arm Lift’ Procedures Remedy Saggy Baggy Arms

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Brachioplasty (definition):  ARM LIFT Procedure(s)
A Brachioplasty is also called an arm lift,’ and is a cosmetic Plastic Surgery procedure performed to help reshape the underside of the upper arm area, usually from the armpit to the elbow, to reduce ‘wobbly upper arm skin.’

How the latest Arm-Lift Surgery (Avulsion Brachioplasty) can reduce your wobbly, flabby or saggy upper arms

After the age of 35 to 40 and sometimes even earlier, you may have started to notice that the skin on your upper arms has begun to droop and sag.

Your upper arms may even ‘wobble’ when you move or lift your arms.


You may have also noticed that arm exercises sometimes fail to make a difference in the appearance of saggy or wobbly upper arm skin – this is because you can’t exercise away excess skin

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The sagging, stretched or excess skin itself is often the problem in relation to ‘bingo-arms.’

  • Sadly, the excess skin itself cannot be exercised or tightened through exercises or fitness classes.
  • Only the underlying muscle can be tightened or strengthened with exercises — not the skin.
  • The fat stores can be reduced through proper nutrition, to some degree — but often genetics and hormonal changes as well as ageing skin (with reduced elasticity) can make changing the fat-to-muscle ratio of the arm difficult to achieve.

The result of these factors? Many many women are left with sagging upper arm skin known as “bingo wings,” “bingo arms” or “tuck shop arms.”

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If you do have saggy, drooping upper arm skin, you might even feel self-conscious when you wear sleeveless clothes or summer swimwear.

Some women even refuse to wear sleeveless clothing due to the appearance of their upper arms, and they feel quite limited by these self-imposed fashion restrictions.


Do your upper arms wobble when you walk or lift your arms? Do you have excess skin and droopy skin folds on your tricep area?

If you DO want to alter the appearance of your sagging upper arms and get a firmer looking upper arm area, you can likely accomplish your aims through upper-arm Surgical Procedures performed by a highly-experienced Plastic Surgeon.

You simply don’t have to continue to endure saggy, baggy upper arm skin or “bingo-wing” upper arms any more.

Plus, several surgical methods — including combined arm lift surgery with liposuction — are available to assist you in reducing the excess, sagging skin swinging from the triceps.

Read more to find out what can be done about wobbly upper arms with Arm lift (arm reduction) surgery.

It helps, however, to remember that all patients are unique. And be sure to read our Disclaimer page about varying results from surgical procedures.

Surgery outcomes do vary from patient to patient and Surgeon to Surgeon, so it is important to have a very realistic understanding about what arm surgery can — and cannot — accomplish.

Are you are feeling distracted or self-conscious by sagging, wobbly-looking skin on your upper arms?

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If the appearance of your upper arms is driving you to distraction, then you might want to investigate the possibility of an ARM LIFT Surgery procedure including the latest method for getting smoother, firmer-looking upper arms, which is called “Alvusion Brachioplasty” Surgery.


ALVUSION Brachioplasty Surgery – the latest Upper Arm Lift Procedure and why it’s becoming increasingly popular

There has been a significant rise in obesity rates over recent decades, with some people calling Obesity ‘the modern plague.’  Even where obesity isn’t an issue, often people are carrying just a bit too many kilos — or have periods of fluctuating weight.

Obesity health challenges have been followed by a rise in life-saving Bariatric weight loss surgery procedures, including Gastric Banding and other stomach surgery methods that help patients accomplish significant weight loss and eating regime changes.

But with the rise of Bariatric surgery and resulting significant weight loss, another problem has arisen for many individuals who have lost a lot of weight:  the unsightly appearance of excess, flabby, saggy, baggy arm skin.


Sometimes called ‘bat wings’ or ‘bingo arms,’ the condition of having very-flabby arm skin can attract unwanted attention.  The upper arms can keep moving and jiggling even after you have stopped moving yourself, and are still.

Saggy upper arm skin can also leave you looking older than you actually are. Fortunately,  arm reduction surgery (arm lift procedures, e.g. Brachioplasty surgery) can help — but it does result in a long vertical scar along the inner arm.

Scars can be a concern for some Arm Lift Patients

arm lift or liposuction for upper arm sagging skin

Many patients wanting arm-lifts have previously been put off by the possibility of unattractive scars.  Most upper-arm lift surgeries do involve an extensive incision from the inner (medial) elbow to the upper under-arm area.  There may also be an additional incision — and hence scar — on the side of the torso for some post-weight loss patients with extensive excess skin.

These scars are often quite prominent to start with, however, they minimise significantly over time.


You’ll see your scars fade significantly over the first 12 months after your Surgery

Scars simply require a lot of patience on your part, as well as following all of your Surgeon’s scar minimisation recommendations including Fraxel if this is recommended for you.

Newer surgical method helps patients who want to feel better wearing strapless or sleeveless clothes – an Avulsion Brachioplasty (Avulsion Arm Lift)

The new surgical technique for an Arm lift Brachioplasty procedure was presented last year at the Australian Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ASAPS) Conference by renowned USA Plastic Surgeon, Dr Joseph Hunstad.

This new arm reduction surgery technique is called Avulsion Brachioplasty.

Avulsion Brachioplasty can help reduce your time in Surgery compared to traditional Brachioplasty procedures; this can be quite helpful if you’re undergoing combined procedures during the same surgery session

This Avulsioin Brachioplasty method has evolved to help reduce your time under general Anaesthetic during your arm lift procedure.

Our experienced Specialist Plastic Surgeons have been using this new advanced technique, and they find it helpful for patients who are having multiple procedures as well as patients who simply want to reduce the time they’re in the operating theatre.

Results Vary from Patient to Patient

It is important to remember that whatever procedure is used, results vary from patient to patient, including scarring outcomes.

Some scarring mechanisms cannot be controlled for — and some skin types are simply more prone to scarring than other skin types (highly pigmented skin may be prone to keloid scarring).

Each patient and procedure performed by our Surgeons is also fully customised for the individual patient.

In general, however, our Plastic Surgeons typically remove an average of 350 ml of fat per arm, using liposuction at first — then resecting an appropriate wedge of skin.  This can vary though and may be higher for patients who experienced significant weight loss.

Our Surgeons note that: “Avulsion Brachioplasty is a very rewarding procedure; with consistent results and a low risk of major complications.”

Our Surgeons also focus on Post-Op Scar Minimisation

fraxel laser treatments

Our Melbourne team of Plastic Surgeons offers best-practice Scar Reduction protocols during and after your Surgery Procedure

Post-surgical scar minimization techniques for arm lift surgeries, such as Oxygen Therapy, Fraxel laser sessions for scar minimisation, Healite LED and silicone tape or gel, can also assist in getting a better overall aesthetic outcome.

Fraxel laser treatments are popular with our Melbourne-based Arm Lift Patients as well as other body lift surgery patients.

Surgery scars do tend to fade over time, usually within 12 to 18 months after your surgery

You’ll be glad to know that our Specialist Arm Lift Surgeons are devoted to helping patients have the best available post-op care to help with Scar Minimisation.  So they offer Fraxel laser scar minimisation treatments as part of your Surgery & Post-Op Care (Hawthorn East location) – included at no extra charge.

As a patient of Cosmetic Surgery for Women or Aesthetic Surgery for Men, you’ll also get a special “Science & Love” Rapid Recovery package that includes a variety of products which can help aid your healing and recovery period.

Considering an arm lift procedure?  If you’re concerned about your arms now, imagine what they might look like in another 10 years

The average age of an arm-lift patient is between fifty to sixty years in age.

That’s means they’ve often been unhappy about the appearance of their upper arm for over a decade and often over 15 to 20 years.

What our Specialist Plastic Surgeons end up hearing, again and again, is that Brachioplasty patients “[wish they had their arm lift procedure] sooner.”

Because patients end up feeling so much better after they have less-wobbly and firmer-looking upper arms.

Our Specialist Arm Lift Surgeons have extensive experience in body lift procedures

Our Plastic Surgeons are highly experienced and they are dedicated to patient care excellence. They operate in fully-accredited Hospitals in Melbourne and Sydney Australia, not back rooms.

Our specialist Surgeons will prioritise getting you a long-lasting, aesthetically pleasing Brachioplasty result with minimal scarring.  They can help you overcome your saggy upper-arm concerns.

Our Arm Lift BRACHIOPLASTY Surgeons are available in Melbourne including in Hawthorn East, Berwick, Williamstown, Malvern and in Sydney (Double Bay, Edgecliff and Wentworthville).

Please note that each of our Specialist Arm Lift and Body Lift Surgeons offer you decades of experience & expertise in body surgery procedures.

Each Surgeon may use a slightly different approach to your surgery, which will be discussed during your initial consultation and also in your pre-surgery mark-up discussions. Be sure to ask your selected Surgeon about the specific arm lift techniques they use as well as which scar minimisation strategies can help you get the best results.

To find out more about how our expert Brachioplasty Surgeons can help you – please phone (03) 8849 1444 during Clinic Hours. Or fill in and send is a Confidential Contact form and our Patient Care Coordinators will be happy to answer your questions.

We look forward to helping you reduce the wobbles in your upper arms. 

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Last updated: 19/07/2019
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