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Ready to get started on your journey to a better face, body or breast area?  Our Specialist Plastic Surgeons offer NO OBLIGATION consultations for approximately 50 minutes to discuss YOUR specific cosmetic procedure surgery needs.  You’ll hear more about the procedure and how our Specialists would customise the surgery to meet your specific needs, and the advice you get will help you become better informed about your options.  From reshaping your breasts with a breast reduction, breast lift or breast enlarging augmentation using implants, to getting a straighter or smaller nose or a smoother facial or eyelid appearance, to re-contouring your upper arms, your thighs or your abdominal area with a Tummy Tuck after weight changes or pregnancy and breast feeding, to other rejuvenating cosmetic plastic surgery procedures, our Specialists can help.  Don’t risk the high cost of needing a revisional surgery by opting for a cheap surgery option.

Instead, choose a respected and fully FRACS (Plast) Qualified Specialist Plastic Surgeon with extensive training and expertise in helping you look your best using proven, customised Cosmetic Surgery and Plastic Surgery procedures.

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