Body Lift & Body Contouring Surgery in Melbourne

body lift melbourneBody Contouring & Plastic Surgery for removal of excess skin after Bariatric Surgery or other forms of Weight Loss.

Body Lift Surgery by our top Melbourne or Sydney Plastic Surgeons can reshape your body and restore normal body contours after significant weight loss or gastric band surgery.

Our Clinic is highly experienced at post-gastric surgery body contouring for redundant skin removal, belt lipectomy surgery, tummy tuck, thigh lift or arm reduction procedures.

If you were obese and lost many kilos from lifestyle changes including Gastric Sleeve or Gastric Band Surgery, you may want to explore the second part of the transformation procedure. After losing the weight, many people require a body contouring procedure (typically a series of surgeries) to sculpt their body and remove redundant skin or excess body fat that is stored in specific locations on the body.


For example, many people feel self-conscious about having excess “redundant” skin that was over-stretched during a period of there life when they struggled with obesity.

The upper arms in particular are sometimes the first area targeted by a post-weight loss patient who is wanting to feel more comfortable wearing different clothing options or going sleeveless in summer (or who struggles to wear some outfits that are the right body size but with sleeves that won’t accommodate their extra upper arm dimensions).

Arm Lift; Before and After; Melbourne; Surgery; Arm Reduction

From reducing ‘bingo wing’ arms to reducing sagging stomach or thigh skin, Body Contouring and Body Lift Surgeries can offer a total physical transformation if you want a firmer, more youthful-looking body contour.

Whether you want to reshape your mid-body contour or remove that unsightly hanging skin, Body Lift Surgery can helps you achieve a toned, streamlined and attractive body that you have always desired, after you lose the significant weight by changing your eating regimes and exercise patterns.

Body Contouring or Body Lift Makeover after Gastric Banding or Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Body Contouring after extensive weight loss is a Staged or Sequenced and Highly-Personalised Surgery Approach – it is often Best Done Over Time in a Series of Surgeries

Body lift surgery is appropriate for those who have lost significant amounts of weight resulting in large amounts of saggy skin all across the body, or those who have large folds of loose skin due to multiple pregnancies.


The procedure is carried out under several stages which depend upon the amount of skin that needs to be remove and the number of areas that need to be tightened.

Our Body Lift Specialists are highly-regarded for their complex surgery expertise.

For post-weight-loss surgery patients, ask to see either Dr Richard Maxwell in Williamstown or Melbourne, or Dr Geoff Barnett in Melbourne or Hawthorn.

Please contact us using the Enquiry Form to arrange to book a consultation or phone (03) 8849 1444 to speak with our Patient Care Coordinator.

Body Lift & Body Contouring Surgery for Bariatric Patients after Significant Weight Loss: Timing is everything

There are many ways to change your life from living with obesity to living a more fit and healthy lifestyle. But getting your physique to where you want it to be – including your skin and overall body shape – can be a more complexing challenge for people who once lived with obesity.

Mentor Allergan


With the modern success of Bariatric Surgery for obese patients such as Gastric Banding and Gastric Sleeves, more patients are presenting with the problem of large amounts of excess skin.

Significant weight loss can significantly change your life, but gives you one sizeable problem: lots of saggy skin.

But before you can resolve redundant skin through surgery, you’ll want to be at a stable weight – ideally a good weight that you are readily able to maintain and that makes you a great candidate for Body Contouring procedures such as Abdominoplasty surgery, Arm Reduction, Thigh Reduction/Thigh Lift or Belt Lipectomy as well as other similar procedures.


Sadly, you can’t exercise skin away and it must be surgically excised if you have baggy, saggy and heavy excess skin folds after gastric surgery for obesity.

After losing a significant amount of weight, your loose and saggy skin hangs in all the wrong places, and you might need more than just a standard abdominoplasty or tummy tuck.

You may need a series of sequenced procedures done by a Specialist Plastic, Reconstructive & Cosmetic Surgeon (be sure they have a FRACS qualification) with extensive experience in post-weight loss body contouring.

At our Clinics, those Body Contouring Surgeons for post-Bariatric Surgery Patients are Dr Richard Maxwell and Dr Geoff Barnett.

Body Lift is ideal for patients that have achieved their desired weight goal and been the same weight for the last 12 months.

Read Dr Geoff Barnett’s BLOG to get some tips about establishing your ideal – or realistic – weight.

For safety reasons, this series of Operations is best performed in stages over a safe period of time.

If you have already done the work losing all that weight and are tired of hiding your unattractive skin under baggy clothing – maybe it’s time you contact us so that you can reduce the skin folds and wear more comfortable, fitted clothing again.

excise ideal weight before surgery

Take charge of your NEW life after significant weight loss – and transform yourself with a Body Lift.

Please contact us using the Enquiry Form to arrange to book a consultation.

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body lift melbourne

If you are struggling with excess, saggy skin, body lift and contouring may be able to help you tighten and reshape your body.

Body Lift or Body Contouring is a combination or series of surgeries to remove excess folds of skin.

A Body Lift is a series of cosmetic or plastic surgical procedures that involves removal and tightening of skin to reshape the body and reduce excess saggy skin.

A Body lift (also known as body contouring) offers an effective way to remove the excess skin from areas like abdomen, thighs, buttocks, and breasts.

Back Pain and Obesity; Back Pain and Excess Skin Folds – Changing your Posture by Reducing Excess Skin Weight

Body Lift surgery is intended to maximize the cosmetic and aesthetic benefits of significant weight loss; it can provide you a sleeker, smoother and more contoured appearance, but that’s not it’s only outcome.

Reduction of Skin Infections and Chaffing By Reducing Redundant Skin (e.g., Thigh Reduction, Breast Reduction)

In terms of reducing back pain or minimising chaffing and skin infections, a body contouring/body lift procedure can sometimes help improve your posture by reducing the skeletal load or ‘forward hanging’ body weight due to excess skin folds in your abdominal, upper back, or groin area.

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It can reduce excess weight from redundant skin folds or pockets of excess body fat and give you better posture as well as less forward-hanging weight on your structure.

There are many things that can be done to optimise the look of surgical scars and they will fade over time to reveal the new you.

Skin Removal & Body Lift Surgery After Gastric Banding or Weight Loss

Bariatric & Formerly Obese patients 

If you want to learn more about your options for post-bariatric body surgery, our Specialist Plastic Surgeons in Melbourne near Camberwell, Balwyn and Kew and South-Eastern Melbourne (Williamstown and convenient to Geelong residents) can help you take your next steps to the ‘new you’ with body shaping surgery.

Please contact us using the Enquiry Form to arrange to book a consultation.

body lift melbourne

What Does A Body Lift Procedure Involve?

Depending upon your individual needs and desired outcomes, Body Lift contouring surgery is entirely customized to your unique needs.

This may involve one or more combined procedures per surgery session, and the surgeries may span over 18 months to 2 years depending on how much excess skin is needing to be removed.

So it’s a journey, but it’s a journey our expert Surgeons and Team can assist you to move through, from your initial consultation to reaching an ideal surgical weight or weight stability to undergoing healing from multiple procedures to resuming your normal activities feeling better – and feeling better about your skin.


liposuction surgery

Depending on the individual patient, body contouring surgeries may include a series of customised surgeries including:

Lower Body Lift Surgeries

Upper Body Lift Surgeries

Body contouring procedures are performed under general anaesthesia and can take from 3 to 8 hours depending upon the number of procedures performed at once.  Healing can take several weeks to several months to resume normal activities, and you’ll want to discuss this at length with your Surgeon, because every patient’s surgery is unique and every person’s healing capacities are also unique.

Our experienced Plastic Surgeons will place the incisions strategically to make the scars less obvious, whenever possible, but sometimes the incisions and scars will be required to be where the body needs to be operated on the most.  For the arm reduction procedure, for example, the scars are placed where they are less apt to be seen if the arms are by the side of the body; but these scars will be visible if the arms are lifted or raised, for example. That noted, there are scar minimisation treatments such as silicone strips and other measures to minimise the scars if possible.

Prior to the surgery, you will be completely informed about the surgical techniques, what to expect and pre-surgery/post-operative care for this life-changing surgery.

In addition to Dr Richard Maxwell and Dr Geoff Barnett, who specialise in Body Contouring Surgeries for post-weight loss patients, both Dr Douglas McManamny and Our Specialist Team of Surgeons are also highly-experienced with Body Lift surgeries for significant weight loss patients.

Our team of Bodylift Surgeons can operate as a team (or pair of surgeons) to reduce the duration of your operation(s), therefore making it safer and getting a better result.

If you would like to speak to a past patient that has had a Bodylift – phone our Patient Care Coordinator at (03) 8849 1444.

What is the Process leading up to the Surgical Procedure?

Before you go ahead with Body Lift surgery, you should expect to have several consultations with your surgeon.


These consultations will cover topics such as your individual needs, surgical options, clinical examinations, measurements and a cooling off period so you can take your time to make a well-informed decision.

You’ll also be shown photographs of other patients’ results, but it’s important to realise that each patient’s experience will be unique and that results can vary.

What are the Pre-Operative Requirements?

The decision to have surgery is extremely personal and you’ll have to decide if the benefits will achieve your goals and if Body Lift risks and potential complications are acceptable.

Your surgeon will explain in detail the risks associated with surgery and will then answer any questions and concerns that you may have.

Be sure to communicate your precise outcome desires to your Surgeon during your pre-surgery consultations and discuss fully whether or not your expectations are realistic in terms of what surgery can and cannot do for your particular body shape and existing tissue.


Most surgeons will expect that you have been stable at your new weight for around 12 months before doing Body Lift Surgery.  Read our blogs about Reaching your GOAL WEIGHT before surgery.

Bodylift Surgery is a series of large operations and a good surgical result will require you to be healthy, well nourished and absolutely not smoking.

You’ll also be willing to work with a team of Support Specialists and using Rapid Recovery protocols to get the best post-surgical healing results.

We may require some patients to get a medical clearance prior to having surgery. This can vary from patient to patient and may involve images or blood tests or surgery clearance by their GP.

You will be asked to sign consent forms to ensure that you fully understand the procedure and any risks or potential complications, as well as what to expect during recovery.

You should stop smoking at least 4 weeks prior to surgery, as well as stop aspirin products at least one week before surgery.

On the evening before surgery, you may not eat or drink anything after midnight.

Remember that individual results can vary significantly.

Please read our Disclaimer page for details, and ask your surgeon what to expect from your Body Lift procedure.


Body Lift Recovery

Surgical Aftercare is a Critical Part of Healing

Our approach to recovery is simple. We do whatever we can to get you back to your normal life as soon as possible.

After the surgery, you will experience significant soreness, swelling and pain.

You will be asked to wear compression garment to reduce swelling and bleeding.


Pain management is customised for each patient and will be discussed as part of your consultation with your surgeon.

Our team will also offer you a holistic ‘science and love’ post-surgery rapid-recovery kit and high-tech scar minimisation procedures (e.g., Fraxel or Healite-II) to ensure a great result.

It is critical that you take care during the recovery to avoid complications that are inherent with this operation on previously obese patients.

You should assemble your own personal support team in order to minimise recovery time and potential for complications.

Rest and low-stress during the recovery phase is essential, as is good nutrition and absolutely no smoking.

What is the Normal Recovery Downtime After a Body Lift?

Recovery periods vary depending on the types and combinations of procedures.

The recovery period will depend upon the number of procedures performed at once.

As a general rule, expect to take 4-6 weeks after your surgery to get back on your feet properly. You will be able to resume your activities in about 4-5 weeks.

But it’s best to check with your Surgeon for a more accurate estimate.

What Sort of After-Care Should I Plan For?

Above all, ensure you follow all instructions given to you by your surgeon.

This may include guidelines around physical activity, medication and physical support such as supportive and well-fitting bras or other garments.

Aside from that, try to avoid exposing the wounds to sunlight for at least 12 months, and be sure to seek help if you experience any unusual pain or bleeding.

Enlisting the help of a friend or family member in the weeks after your procedure is also a good idea if possible.


Risks Of Surgery

What are the Risks and Possible Complications?

Any surgery poses a certain amount of risk and potential complications.

Common side effects include bruising and swelling.

The shape of the body may change over time, and the final result may not be realized for a few months.

It is highly important that you choose the best possible Body Lift Specialist surgeon to minimise risks associated with your procedure.

Risks of Surgery can include:

General Anaesthesia – Most healthy patients respond well to general anaesthesia as modern techniques are very safe. Our team will provide you with the details of your anaesthetists prior to your surgery to discuss any specific concerns.

Bleeding (Haematoma) – This may require a visit to the operating theatre to remove the blood clot.

Infection – Your Surgeon will prescribe you with antibiotics and monitor you closely.

Delayed Wound Healing – Your Surgeon and Nurse coordinator will manage the healing process. This usually occurs within patients who are overweight, smokers or who have an infection.

Deep Vein Thrombosis

Fluid build-up (Seroma)

Scarring – (every effort is made to place the scar within the areas covered by high cut swimwear or underwear). Initially there is almost always some contour issues or puckers. These settle over the months but sometimes may require a small revision often under local anaesthetic. Scars continue to mature and improve for up to 18 months after surgery. Stretch marks may not all be removed or new ones may be created. You will receive 3 Fraxel Laser treatments approximately 8 weeks post-surgery to manage and improve scarring with our Dermal Clinician.

Numbness – This will occur 100% of the time and mostly settles over the months and up to 1-2 years.

Asymmetry – There may be irregular ridges and crease to both sides. Scars may be slightly different on your right compared to you left side.

Umbilical Malposition/Loss – This is a very rare complication and may require further surgery.

Pain – This will be managed appropriately with pain medications and prompt aftercare.

All successful surgery outcomes are the result of realistic expectations of the patient, realistic surgical goals and the knowledge of possible risks and complications. Nothing is ever guaranteed in science and medicine.

Risks are minimised through careful patient screening and planning, high standards of surgical training, meticulous surgical technique and vigilant post-operative care.

Small, less serious issues are common and every effort is made to resolve them quickly.

These rarely have long term effect on an excellent final result.

*Disclaimer: Individual surgery results can vary significantly from patient to patient.


Melbourne’s Leading Specialists for Body Lift Surgery

Dr Geoff Barnett and Dr Richard Maxwell   are our team’s leading Plastic Surgeons for body lift surgeries in Melbourne.

Facelift-Surgeon-Specialist-Plastic-Surgeon-GeoffBarnett      CSW_Surgeon_Square_Template_RichardMaxwell_2

Our highly-experienced Plastic Surgeons operate at accredited major Hospitals in Melbourne using only experienced Anaesthetists and a top team of surgical support staff.

Find out more about our Quality Team of caring Plastic Surgeons on Our Surgeons page.

Why Choose Our Specialist Plastic Surgeons?

Choosing an experienced group of Plastic Surgeons ensures that every patient gets the desired results with lowest chances of complications.

You are in safe hands of a team of Specialist Plastic Surgeons and their Specialist Support Staff, who use their expertise to ensure the best possible outcome.

This is a series of large and complex surgical operations and should always be performed in an accredited major hospital that is well-equipped with latest technology and state-of-the-art equipment to meet your requirements.

We combine our expertise and knowledge with compassion and true concern for you.

Because of the ongoing nature of the after-care support required for a Bodylift transformation it is strongly recommended that you do not travel overseas or interstate for this operation.

Are Your Surgeons Plastic Surgeons or Cosmetic Surgeons – What’s The Difference?

All of our six surgeons are qualified Plastic Surgeons – this is NOT the same as Cosmetic Surgeons. Our team of surgeons specialise in different areas of cosmetic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery and have decades of experience and training.

The difference between a Plastic Surgeon and a Cosmetic Surgeon is significant.

Anyone with an MBBS qualification (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery) can call themselves a ‘cosmetic surgeon’, however they have not had the minimum 12 years of rigorous training that is required to become a Plastic Surgeon and most are not accredited to operate in leading hospitals (that’s why they operate in their backroom clinic or in day surgeries).

Some people calling themselves ‘cosmetic surgeons’ actually trained as dentists or dermatologists (Skin doctors).

Membership of RACS (Royal Australian College of Surgeons) means you are surgeon but you could be a Maxillofacial surgeon or ENT surgeon and may not have much expertise in Plastic Surgery.

Please choose a quality Plastic Surgeon that is accredited by a recognised association.

Look for membership of ASPS, ASAPS or ISAPS as a minimum qualification for your surgeon. These members are regarded as highly trained specialists in their field.

You should also choose an experienced plastic surgeon not a under qualified ‘cosmetic surgeon’ or physician.

Consulting Locations

Dr Geoff Barnett  and Dr Richard Maxwell, as well as Dr Craig RubinsteinDr Douglas McManamny regularly consult in Hawthorn East at 759 Burwood Road which is highly convenient to S. Yarra, Toorak, Kew and Richmond and Ivanhoe as well as inner and eastern suburbs. Dr Maxwell has a location in Williamstown as well as at our Hawthorn East rooms.

Our boutique-style Hawthorn Clinic has onsite parking as well as free 2 hour street parking nearby.


We are conveniently accessible from Balwyn, Richmond, Hawthorn, Kew, Toorak, South Yarra, Brighton, Bentleigh, Glen Huntley, Malvern, Inner Eastern Suburbs, Bayside Melbourne, Sandringham, St Kilda, Melbourne CBD, North Melbourne, Ivanhoe, Eltham, and Yarra Valley VIC.

Our Specialist Team of Surgeons regularly consult in Berwick, Victoria which boasts:

      • Free onsite parking – large parking lot in Medical Facility at 50 Kangan Drive, Level 1.
      • Take the lift or one-flight of stairs to the 1st Level
      • Conveniently accessible from South East Melbourne, Mornington, Mt Martha, Pakenham, Cranbourne, Frankston and South-Eastern Victoria including Sorrento, Gippsland and the foothills of the Dandenongs as well as other regions of the Mornington Peninsula.

Support for Interstate & Overseas Patients

Please visit our Interstate and Overseas Patients page to find out   how we can help you.

How Much Does Body Lift Surgery Cost?

Because of the number and complexity of the surgeries involved, a complete Body Lift can be costly. Private Health Insurance can be of assistance for some operations. Body Lift (or Body Contouring) is a life-changing investment in the new you.

Fortunately, some body lift patients have been able to access their accumulated superannuation funds in order to assist with this life-changing operation.

Please enquire how this could be done.

Quality or Lowest Cost?

Cost of a complete Body Lift is an important factor when considering surgery.

The quality of your Body Lift is more important than the price of your Body Lift.

If the ultimate goal of your Body Lift is to have a satisfied patient, then the surgeon’s expertise and experience are undoubtedly more important than the price.

Body Lift prices are important but should not be the most important factor when considering Body Lift surgery.

Be careful not to put your body in the “bargain bin”.

Choosing a Body Lift surgeon based on the lowest price might ultimately be the most expensive choice, if the initial cosmetic results are so bad that another surgeon must be paid to repair the work of the first Body Lift surgeon.

Among the most common undesirable outcomes of Body Lift are:

      1. Incomplete Body Lift with very little evidence that Body Lift was actually done:
      2. Excessive Body Lift proceedures producing an unnatural or disfigured appearance
      3. Irregular and uneven results with unsightly depressions in the skin; and
      4. Large scars that reveal that the patient has had Body Lift surgery. Caveat emptor (Buyer beware).

How Are My Fees Calculated?

The total cost for Body Lift surgery is the sum of the non-surgical fee plus one or more surgical fees.

The non-surgical fees include the cost of the operating room, nursing staff, pre-operative laboratory tests, post-operative garments and supplies.

The surgical fees represent the prices for Body Lift surgery of each individual area.

Factors that determine cost of liposuction include:

      1. The size of the patient;
      2. Amount of time and effort required of the surgeon;
      3. Cost of anesthesiologist’s services;
      4. Operating room fees;
      5. Preoperative laboratory fees;
      6. Other related expenses, such as elastic compression garments, etc.

Expected Time and Effort
The expected time and effort that is required to accomplish a Body Lift surgery is the most important factor in determining the cost of your porceedure. Factors that typically affect the surgeon’s time and effort include:

      1. Number of areas being treated;
      2. Size of the patient;
      3. Anticipated degree of difficulty.

Thus, cost of Body Lift surgery of the abdomen alone is less than the cost of doing Body Lift on both the abdomen as well as the inner thighs and knees. Similarly the cost for abdominal Body Lift on a patient who weighs over 80 kilos might be more than the cost for Body Lift of the abdomen of a patients who has never weighed more than 60 kilos.

Body Lift surgery is more difficult and requires more time if the patient has previously gained and then lost a significant amount of weight.

In any area previously treated the fat often contains scar tissue which makes Body Lift surgery in the same area more difficult.

Other variables affecting price of Body Lift proceedure

      1. Experience of the surgeon; and
      2. Geographic location of the surgeon.

An expert Body Lift surgeon who has done thousands of procedures, who consistently achieves outstanding results, and who is in great demand, will often charge more than a less experienced surgeon.

Surgeons who are not busy may offer discounts, or entice prospective patients by offering free consultation.

Surgeon’s who have had unhappy patients and who do not have a good reputation might also lower prices in order to attract new patients.

In geographic areas where rents and labor costs are high, one can expect higher prices for Body Lift proceedures.

Body Lift Surgery in Thailand and Overseas – Don’t risk it!

Sadly, many Australian candidates for Body Lift procedures have recently gone overseas to try to save money on their Body Lift Surgery.

Body Lift is a particular complex type of surgery that should definitely be done in Australia for optimal safety, as these surgeries require lots of after-care, support and follow up.

The risks of infection and complications are also higher when overseas and travelling on planes.

Please don’t risk it – arrange a confidential appointment with one of our specialists to find out how we can help you.    

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