Breast Augmentation in Thin Patients and Body Builders


Thin Patients and Body Builders Breast Surgery: Breast Augmentation in the Low BMI Patient.

Is your BMI (Body Mass Index) on the low side? If you are a person who is healthy but genetically thin…perhaps you’re even a body builder who competes for global titles…you may find that you don’t have much natural breast volume and little, if any, cleavage. Having minimal breast volume and zilch cleavage is often genetic, although there are some thin individuals who also have genetically larger breasts. On the whole, however, a majority of very petite or thin women have less breast volume than they’d prefer. It can lead to a body that appears somewhat out of balance, or less feminine, depending on the contours of your lower physique. This is one of the reasons so many women decide to have breast augmentation procedures. If you’re one of these women, who is currently considering her options for breast implants, here are the general questions you might be asking about the procedure.


If you’re a thin person or competitive Body Builder who’s exploring Breast Augmentation Surgery, what would be your concerns?

Concern 1: Will breast augmentation surgery look natural on me if I’m very thin?

  • How your breast augmentation results appears after surgery depends on several factors.
  • These include the size of the breast implant, the distance between your nipples, torso length and girth, and other physique proportions.
  • The condition of your skin, and how much natural breast tissue volume you already have before your implants, will also have an effect on breast surgery results.
  • Chances are, if you’re on the thin side, only a relatively small volume breast implant (the mini boob job) will look natural; although our surgeons do all they can to get you a natural looking result that still gives you the curves you’re wanting from breast implants.
  • You might also explore your fat transfer or fat grafting to breasts options (if you have enough fat to “harvest” via liposuction from other areas) to help add some minor volume or cleavage, or potentially cover the areas where an implant might be more obvious in the super-thin but healthy patient.

But what’s probably not going to suit you best is choosing the largest size breast implants available, known as the glamorous looking breast augmentation. That noted, every person’s different. Ask our Specialist Surgeons for an assessment, as some body types DO suit the very large breast implant size options if that’s what you’re looking for in terms of breast augmentation.

Breast Implant Surgery Concern 2: Will it disrupt my posture or body balance?


  • A well-chosen, well-suited breast implant size is unlikely to cause much disruption to your posture or body balance.
  • But you MAY find carrying a bit more volume on your upper half DOES impact your movements and your posture.
  • Sometimes it will improve and other times it may change the way you move or walk in different ways.

Breast Augmentation and Posture:  Many women who have breast augmentation they are proud of, end up standing up straighter as they feel more confident about their upper body curves.

  • Others find they have to adjust their daily bra-wearing habits and exercise routines to accommodate a larger breast size after getting implants.
  • Running may also feel different, as will floor based exercises where you’re lying face down (certain yoga postures, for example).
  • Even sleeping prone may feel different or potentially uncomfortable after having surgery, although many women sleep face down as well as on their sides or uprights before and after having breast implants inserted.

Top heavy and cumbersome? Unlikely when you’ve chosen a suitable implant size that will look and feel appropriate for your chest size, torso and height. But, if you have very large breast implants and thin hips as well as overall body thinness, there’s a chance you may feel slightly top heavy. However, the weight of the hips (the heaviest part of the body) is usually enough to keep your posture and balance aligned.

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Visit our Team pages for information.  Dr Sackelariou also performs Breast Augmentation in Sydney and Melbourne for Body Builders and very thin patients, and our entire Team of breast augmentation Surgeons customises their surgeries to meet the needs of each individual patients.

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Breast Implant Surgery Concern 3: What shape of breast implant is best for body builders or thin patients?


Do I need to choose anatomical vs round implants to get a more natural looking result?

  • This question is best asked of your preferred Specialist Plastic Surgeon, as there’s no one answer that suits all.
  • However, Dr Rubinstein has covered some of this in a video interview about different types of implants including Motiva and Mentor.
  • Each of our Surgeons, however, will use individual surgical strategies to help sculpt your breast shape or size increase during surgery.

Sometimes an anatomical implant can help your surgeon create a specific type of cleavage (under the muscle placement strategies). But most Plastic Surgeons prefer round as this limits rotation risks PLUS gives upper pole cleavage that many women are seeking in a breast augmentation.

  • But a round breast plant vs an anatomical implant can also be inserted into a breast pocket in a way that help the Surgeon achieve the desired volume or cleavage you’re wanting as a patient (be sure you have realistic expectations, however, as what you’re starting with in terms of skin and breast tissue WILL impact your choices and breast implant surgery results).
  • Results can vary from patient to patient. Be sure you understand the limitations of surgical enlargements and the lifetime expectancy or lifetime warranty of breast implants according to the manufacturers.
  • The MOTIVA breast implant, or a Mentor implant, are often used by our team of Plastic Surgeons for Breast Augmentation in Melbourne.
  • These quality silicon implants assist our Plastic Surgeons to help patients attain the natural looking results they prefer.
  • It’s important, however, to choose an implant size or profile (projection dimensions, volume or shape) that suits the skin condition, body frame and torso length – as these dimensions all impact on your breast surgery results.
  • But you MAY find carrying a bit more volume on your upper half DOES impact your movements and your posture.
  • In competitive body building, you may find the volume balances out your muscular lower body BUT be sure to ask your Surgeon about the placement and the pectoral muscles or chest muscles (pecs) and how, or if, the implant will impact on your strength or body building training times.
  • Watch a Youtube video of pectoralis muscle anatomy (opens in a new tab).


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Breast Implant Surgery Concern 4: How long will I need to wait before competing in my sport, again?


  • The answer is that you’ll usually need several weeks off of competitive sports and running or horseback riding, sometimes longer, when you have plastic surgery.
  • Recovery from breast implant surgery can takes several weeks to a few months, but there is variance between patients.
  • You must also be sure to wear the right support bra or sports garments to support the breast implants and reduce unnecessary movements (bouncing or traumas) to the breas area.
  • If you’re a professional boxer who’s getting breast implants, be sure to discuss this with your surgeon and take his or her advice on recovery times, waiting periods and breast implant placement options.
  • Remember, all surgery does have risks, too – so if you’re one of the unlucky few who have a complication, you may end up taking longer to recover than initially assumed.
  • Allow adequate time so you don’t feel stressed, and plan your surgery as far in advance as you can, working around competition and training dates.
  • Avoid the heightened risks of breast implant surgery in overseas tourist destinations – instead, choose a qualified Plastic Surgeon and be sure you know the difference between a Cosmetic Vs Plastic Surgeon (FRACS) in terms of training and experience in handling complex breast augmentation scenarios and potential complications.

In general, and not to replace medical advise (you MUST ask your Surgeon directly for advice, and follow his or her recommendations precisely):

  • You’ll need at least 2 weeks of rest but potentially a few months of limited training so as to allow the body to heal properly from the surgical experience.
  • Ask your Surgeon for details, but you can also peruse some general estimates by ordering our Recovery Guide or Breast Guides.
  • We also have a newly available surgery date planning guide to help you consider other factors that may influence when it might be best to plan your breast procedure.


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