Blepharoplasty Eyelid Stitches Removal – Does Getting Your Eyelid Stitches Taken Out Hurt At All?


Blepharoplasty Eyelid Stitches Removal

Is Removing Your Eyelid Stitches Painful after an Eyelid Lift Procedure?

If you’ve been following a young patient’s journey through her Eyelid Reduction Surgery for lid ptosis, you’ll have seen her VIDEO journey’s and blogs on our site as well as her cosmetic beauty channel.  Her name is Amea May, and late last year (2016) she booked herself in for a Blepharoplasty eyelid surgery to reduce her puffy upper eyelids.  She was very nervous about having surgery, but was tired of the frequent eyelid skin irritations and puffy-looking upper lid appearance.

Nervous about having Eyelid Surgery? What’s it REALLY like?

Many patients are nervous about cosmetic procedures, particularly those that involve the eye area.  And, like many patients, Amea May did a LOT of research before choosing Dr Benjamin Burt, FACS/FRANZCO, a Oculoplastic Surgeon whose practice focuses entirely on surgery of the eyelids, eyes and brows.

Both Dr Benjamin Burt and Cosmetic Surgery for Women and Men in Hawthorn East came highly recommended by several of her acquaintances in Melbourne.

Dr Benjamin Burt is a Oculoplastic Surgeon who focuses on Surgery of the Eyes/Eyelids and Brow Area of the Face.

Dr Benjamin Burt’s surgical FOCUS and EXPERTISE in eyelid lift and reduction surgery gave Amea May confidence in her selection of Surgeons.

  • This was important to Amea, because she felt extremely anxious about “going through with surgery” even though she had been considering it for years.
  • Once she BOOKED her surgery date, she felt both excited AND scared at the same time.
  • Her top fears were PAIN, getting the eyelid STITCHES taken out (there wasn’t a lot she found online about getting her eyelid stitches removed), and whether she would get turned away because of her age.
  • So she decided to V-LOG about her experience and made a VIDEO series about her surgery recovery experiences.

Having Surgery – Patient aged in her 20s

Amea wanted her puffy upper eyelids adjusted, but was still reluctant to have surgery – in fact, she nearly talked herself out of it.

  • Some people inadvertently believe that eyelid procedures are only for people past a certain age.
  • But most adults over the age of 18, who are suitable candidates for surgery, may CHOOSE elective or corrective surgery to reduce sagging, puffy eyelids.

Some patients also find eyelid skin folds hide their upper lashes OR leave them unable to wear some forms of makeup they would like to wear.

  • This includes some individuals of Asian heritage, who want a slight eyelid skin reduction whilst maintaining a natural look.
  • Asian eyelids may choose a certain type of Blepharoplasty procedure – known as an Asian Blepharoplasty or Asian eyelid lift – to help reduce the upper lid whilst still leaving an aesthetically pleasing, natural looking effect.

Illustration/Photography: Before Eyelid Surgery, Amea was concerned about drooping eyelids that led to skin irritations and allergic responses (in her 20s, this condition was genetic rather than age related).


Amea had long been concerned about the sagging upper eyelid skin and how it impacted her facial appearance – and as an Eyelash Technician and top rated beauty blogger, she was unhappy with how the heavy looking upper lids hid her eyelashes.

So in 2016, Amea May booked in for a consultation with Dr Benjamin Burt, FRACS/FRANZCO. Dr Burt is a renowned Oculoplastic Specialist and Corrective Eyelid Surgery expert who is part of the team at Cosmetic Surgery for Women and Men in Hawthorn East (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia).

  • She was delighted to learn that he could assist her to remedy the skin issues she was having with her heavy, slightly drooping eyelids.
  • She booked her surgery only a few weeks after the consultation, which initially felt “fast” to her – but she noted that it was good it didn’t linger as she admits she was a ‘worrier’ about potential surgery pain and that it was good that it wasn’t too long a wait before her surgery date.
  • Some patients need more time to prepare for a surgery date,  others want to have surgery as soon as possible once the mandatory ‘cooling off’ period is completed – for choosing your best surgery date, phone our office for a PDF guide to choosing the right surgery date.


Amea admits she nearly frightened herself into CANCELLING her Blepharoplasty procedure after watching it performed on YouTube.

  • Graphic surgery videos can put off most patients who are squeamish, and after watching how it was done, Amea nearly cancelled.
  • But she trusted Dr Burt, and she wanted to treat the constant skin irritations AND reduce the baggy-looking appearance of having heavy eyelids / upper lid ptosis.
  • She notes she convinced herself to stay courageous and have the surgery she had long been wanting but was fearful of having, until she learned more about her options during a consultation with Dr Burt.

Dr Burt’s easy going nature, his expertise in eyelid reduction surgery, and his calm confidence in what could be achieved, gave Amea May the confidence she’d been looking for – to take the risks involved.

  • Her main fear, again, was pain and discomfort, or looking ‘over done’ (something Dr Burt works diligently to prevent from happening, by reducing the eyelid area by JUST enough – rather than taking too much).
  • In her video series about recovery and healing from Blepharoplasty, Amea reveals how she felt (and now feels) about pursuing her CHOICE to have the surgery done.

Amea wanted others to know what the experience of having eyelid surgery and stitches removes actually FELT like.

Is being under the age of 30 TOO YOUNG to have your eyelids done?

  • Amea wondered if only older patients qualified for an Eyelid Lift procedure.
  • Certainly, Facelifts are unlikely to be performed on women or men in their 20s.
  • However, eyelid reduction surgery is very different, and many patients in their 20s and 30s as well as in their 40s and beyond, have eyelid surgery to address their puffy eyelids.

Many patients in their 20s and 30s, who inherited heavy eyelid skin or double lid folds, often seek Dr Burt’s eyelid surgery expertise to achieve a more distinguished eyelid crease. This procedure gives the patient an area of the lid on which to apply dramatic makeup (eye shadow and mascara) and have it be visible; it also leaves the face looking more refreshed or younger.


Eyelid Surgery in a Younger Vs Older Patient: What’s the difference?

  • Younger patients do tend to have more resilient skin, and hence, some may heal more quickly from a surgical procedure than an older patient.
  • All patients will need to follow post-op care instructions and live a healthy lifestyle for optimal healing and scar reduction.
  • Even so, there is a RISK of complications for surgery, which your Surgeon will discuss with you during your first consultation and after taking a medical history.
  • Some surgery RISKS or complication rates can be reduced, others may occur randomly despite the best efforts of you and your Surgeon.

For patients above 40, eyelid reduction is usually linked with ageing, loss of skin collagen and increases in the upper lid tissues that lead the upper lid to sag or droop over the pupils.

  • This is called “eyelid ptosis” and is relatively common in individuals who are over forty and fifty years in age.
  • These make up the majority of eyelid surgery patients.

However, even younger patients may have heavy, drooping eyelids, usually an inherited family trait and sometimes related to an illness, injury or asymmetry of the eyelid area.

Such was the scenario for Beauty Blogger and Social Media Influencer, Amea May, who’s heavy lids were interfering with her eyelid health and causing her discomfort and self-consciousness.


Changes to Amea’s Appearance and her Eyelid Irritations: What she discovered after having Blepharoplasty surgery

  • Amea May indicated she was suffering from frequent eyelid skin irritations (allergies and dermatitis types of conditions)
  • It was assessed that these were primarily related to the way her heavier eyelid skin folded over itself.
  • And as you can tell in her Video Blogs (V-logs) about her eyelid lift surgery, skin irritation in the eyelid area has abated to a large degree.  Remember, though, that everyone is different.

Ask a Surgeon what to expect for YOUR eyelid lift procedure. And be sure you keep your expectations realistic.

T00 young to get a Blepharoplasty?

Amea May wondered if only older patients qualified for an Eyelid Lift procedure, and what others would think about her choices. She discovered that some patients of younger ages DO benefit tremendously from Blepharoplasty surgery.

Find out more by watching Amea May’s VIDEO about Eyelid Surgery healing and recovery experiences.

In one of Amea May’s eyelid surgery videos (v-logs or video blogs), she also discusses getting her eyelid stitches removed. blepharoplasty-eyelid-stitches-pain-removed-taken-out-does-it-hurt

Does getting your Blepharoplasty Stitches Removed hurt at all? Is there a lot of pain involved with Eyelid Surgery?

Whilst very nervous leading up to her surgery, Dr Burt and his team did their best to help her relax and calm her nerves.

  • To her surprise, neither the surgery itself nor the suture removal process where NEARLY as uncomfortable as she had expected or feared (this can vary from patient to patient, however).
  • Her VIDEO series has a specific segment dedicated to the removal of eyelid stitches after blepharoplasty surgery.

‘[Getting my stitches out] didn’t hurt at all!’ she noted about getting her sutures removed a week after her procedure.


“I’m so glad I went through with it and didn’t scare myself out of getting the surgery,” she admitted during an interview in her VIDEO series, noting it’d been “on her mind” for many years before she plucked up the courage to have a consult.

If YOU are interested in having your eyelids assessed by one of Melbourne’s most highly regarded Oculoplastic Specialist Surgeons, Dr Benjamin Burt, please send an enquiry form below or phone our Patient Care Team on (03) 8849 1444.

Dr Burt sees patients at Cosmetic Surgery for Women in Hawthorn East or in Melbourne (Berwick appointments may be available).

Watch Amea’s video showing eyelid stitches getting removed after her Blepharoplasty surgery.
Does it hurt to get eyelid stitches out? stitches-coming-out-after-blepharoplasty-surgery

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Last updated: 25/06/2019
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