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What is Blepharoplasty surgery?

Eyelid Surgery is a surgical solution used to treat eyelid ptosis or puffy, droopy, crepey eyelid skin. The procedure takes from 1 to 2 hours or longer, with recovery time being about 2 weeks. Scars from blepharoplasty are often hidden in the eyelid crease. At our clinic in Melbourne, we have one of the top EYE SURGEONS for eyelid and brow rejuvenation.

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Types of Blepharoplasty: Upper Eyelids, Lower Eyelids and Functional Corrections

There are 4 key eyelid surgery methods for eyelid area reshaping or a Blepharoplasty:

  1. Upper Blepharoplasty (Upper Eyelid Surgery or Eyelid Lift)
  2. Lower Blepharoplasty (Lower Eyelid Surgery or Eye Bag reduction)
  3. Asian Double Eyelid Surgery
  4. Canthoplasty or other corrections such as entropion/ectropion surgery

Does your eyelid skin ptosis leave you looking aged, tired or angry? Eyelid surgery – medically called a Blepharoplasty – treats the condition of ptotic eyelid skin or eyelid ptosis. An ‘Eyelid lift’ procedure can help rejuvenate and enhance your facial appearance, particularly around your eyes or “upper third” of your face.

  • Good improvements can be attained through eyelid surgery alone, as the eyes are so central to facial appearance and age perceptions.
  • However, you may get better results by combining surgery procedures such as eyelid surgery AND/OR a facelift, necklift, lip lift, skin resurfacing treatment, cheek pad elevation or related procedures.

Eye Surgeon and Eyelid Surgery Blepharoplasty Melbourne cost and recovery and risks

Download Our Guide to Blepharoplasty Surgery (Eyelid Reduction)

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Phone 03 8849 1444 and ask to see Melbourne’s expert Blepharoplasty Surgeon, Dr Benjamin Burt for natural-looking results and best-practice patient care.

9 Benefits of  Eyelid Surgery

Upper Blepharoplasty Surgery  – Are you a good candidate?

1. helps reduce sagging, crepey eyelid skin

2. reduces puffy-looking eye area skin (eye bags or bulges ABOVE your eyes)

3. creates a more visible eyelid platform (lid crease) that:

4. looks firmer and fresher instead of appearing crepey, puffy and lax

5. allows for easier application of eye makeup or mascara

6. reduces a tired, aged facial appearance by effectively ‘opening’ up your eye area

7. reveal your UPPER eyelashes that had become hidden under sagging or puffy-looking eyelid skin

8. helps lift and reduce “baggy eyes” and reduces shadows caused by drooping eyelid skin

9. improves your field of vision by uncovering more of the IRIS blocked by ptotic skin


Eyelid surgery will help to:

  • rejuvenate and refresh your eye area appearance
  • Correct weakened eyelid muscles
  • Reduce crepey-looking skin above and/or below the eyes
  • Improve symmetry (balances uneven eyelids)
  • Reduce pockets of eyelid fat, reducing shadows and bulges around the eyes

Are you a good candidate for Lower Eyelid Surgery?

Do you suffer from:

  • Droopy lower eyelids?
  • Unsightly eye bags beneath your eyes?
  • Fatty deposits under your eyes – or very puffy lower lids?
  • Excess skin or deep creases around your eyelids?
  • An ageing appearance around your eyes?
  • Eyelashes and tear ducts that are irritating your eyes or compromising your vision or eyelid function (such as not being able to fully close your eyelids)?

 Does this cause you to:

  • Look old, unhappy or tired?
  • Have difficulty fully closing your eyes?
  • Feeling self-conscious about the skin or circles and bags under your eye area?
  • Have difficulty applying or wearing mascara on your lower lashes?

If you answered YES, you MAY be a candidate for eyelid appearance rejuvenation via a Lower (or combined Upper & Lower) Blepharoplasty procedure. Alternatively, you may possibly be assisted with an anti-wrinkle injectables strategy or dermal fillers, or combined non-surgical and surgical solutions to get the eye area rejuvenation you’re wanting to attain.

Skin resurfacing with Laser, Peels or other Light Based therapies and cosmeceuticals may also be an option for you, if you are unhappy with eye area lines, wrinkles, crevices and other skin imperfections.

If you have experienced long term sun exposure, sun damage, acne scarring or hyper-pigmentation – we can help with those concerns as well as drooping eyelids.  Visit our Coco Ruby Skin & Anti-Ageing for more on non-surgical skin resurfacing and facial rejuvenation options.


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Choosing a Surgeon for Blepharoplasty Surgery in Melbourne

Who is an expert at getting aesthetically good results and minimising risks and how do you make a good CHOICE of Surgeon for the best blepharoplasty results?

  • Your surgeon choice is very important for any cosmetic surgery, especially eyes.
  • Choosing the best available Surgeon in Melbourne depends partially on WHAT you’re needing to be performed, WHEN, and WHERE you are having the procedure.
  • It’s a good idea to choose one of your area’s top eyelid Surgeon(s) nearby – our experts operate in Victoria including in Melbourne, Australia, and patients come from all around Victoria and surrounds because they recognise the level of expertise our trusted Surgeons have in these procedures.
  • If you don’t do your homework including search online reviews, you could end up with an unskilled surgeon who could ‘botch’ your eyelid surgery results; especially if you’re keen to find a low-cost surgery or discounted option rather than the most skilled surgeon you can find.
  • Don’t have regrets – do your research online and choose carefully by making an informed decision (second opinions are often helpful)
  • Ask plenty of questions


Warning: Not all doctors who perform eyelid surgery in Melbourne are alike. Some Blepharoplasty surgeons have far more expertise and training – and insist on top-rated safety measures – to help improve results and reduce preventable complication.


We have top Melbourne eyelid Surgeons who are highly-regarded for creating natural-looking eyelid results during reduction or eyelid lift procedures; such as Upper Blepharoplasty, lower eyelid surgery, Canthoplasty and entropion or ectropion corrections.

  • If you end up with a junior doctor or someone who hasn’t performed thousands of facial and eyelid procedures, you could end up with higher risks of complications (dry eye, hollowing around the eyes, being unable to blink – even permanent vision loss).
  • Don’t risk a less experienced doctor for your facial surgery  – it’s CRUCIAL you choose the best Surgeon you can find, and that you do your research about WHO they are, WHAT they are experts in, and WHERE they are allowed to operate.
  • Talk to others and make sure your Surgeon is a genuine expert for eyelid surgery procedures.

Dr Benjamin Burt, FRANZCO/FACS is our team’s leading EYELID Surgery expert for eyelid lift, brow lift and eyelid reduction procedures.

Dr Benjamin Burt, FRANZCO/FACS, is our team’s dedicated expert for Eyelid procedures including Upper and Lower Blepharoplasty and Canthoplasty surgery. Ectropion and Entropion procedures as well as a combination eyelid lift and brow surgery. Other expert Melbourne-based Surgeons for Blepharoplasty combined with Facelift surgery include Dr Richard Sackelariou FRACS (Plas), and Dr Geoff Barnett FRACS (Plas).

Which conditions or eyelid problems does Eyelid Surgery treat?

Ageing eyelids, ptotic skin and some other eyelid skin or eyelid function conditions can be successfully treated with eyelid reduction/eyelid lift techniques (Blepharoplasty).

In general, these conditions lead to needing Eyelid Surgery (eyelid lift):

  • droopy eyelids (ptotic eyelid skin or sagging, puffy eyelids)
  • eye bags (bulges above or under the eyes)
  • shadows due to eye bags or fat bulges under the eyes
  • baggy or aged, tired looking eyes
  • crepey skin above or below the eyes
  • see the next item for MEDICAL conditions
  • dry eye
  • difficulty blinking
  • tear duct surgery
  • ectropion
  • entropion
  • sagging of one or both eyelids after injury or illness
  • skin infections/chafing
  • eyelid and eyelash area irritations
  • double eyelid or lack of eyelid crease


Note: Not all eyelid conditions may be treated with blepharoplasty and revision surgery may not correct all concerns with a primary procedure.

Will I look Unnatural after eyelid surgery?

  • If performed properly, your results will still look natural rather than unnatural.
  • A natural-looking result is best achieved by choosing a good surgeon who uses advanced or modern surgical techniques to avoid a ‘pulled’, hollowed or ‘surprised’ look to the eyes or brow area.
  • If you chose a less trained surgeon, you could look over-reduced or have eye function problems.
  • Thereby it’s wise to choose the best possible – most experienced and qualified – Surgeon for your eyelid reduction

A Brow Lift v’s an Eyelid Lift

It depends. Some individuals may need both. Some patients may be better off having a brow lift or combined brow lift WITH an eyelid lift. Some may get a better result from a brow lift INSTEAD OF eyelid surgery or lid reduction, especially if they have a low brow position and/or hooded, hollowed-looking eyes.

Can you have both UPPER and LOWER eyelid surgery at the same time?

  • Some patients may be approved for upper and lower eyelid surgery performed during a single operation.
  • Recovery is often longer and risks may be higher for combined procedures, so expect an overnight hospital stay (1 or more days).
  • In most cases, however, upper and lower eyelid surgery is performed SEPARATELY.
  • Phone us for details on 0388491444.

What is the best age for having an eyelid lift?

Eyelid Surgery: Before & After Photos (Blepharoplasty)

Before & After images of different Blepharoplasty Surgeries are below, but Dr Burt is happy to show you more images in a confidential consultation (as some patients prefer we NOT publish their eyelid surgery images on the globally-accessible web, but are happy for us to show you their photos in our Clinics).

Upper Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty) Before & After Images

More before and after PHOTOS of blepharoplasty surgery are available here. Remember, results vary from patient to patient and all surgery carries risks.



Patients over 40 often seek Blepharoplasty procedures to rejuvenate their eyelids.


Eyelid-surgery-upper-and lower blepharoplasty-drbenjamin-burt_e3

Patients over 50 and 60 often seek Blepharoplasty procedures to rejuvenate their eyelids OR to improve vision that has become obscured by sagging upper eyelids.

How much does Eyelid Surgery Cost?

Eyelid surgery prices (surgery fees and hospital costs) VARY depending upon:

  • which SURGEON you choose for your operation (how skilled)
  • WHERE you have your surgery (hospital or clinic)
  • which TECHNIQUES you require
  • IF the reason for surgery is corrective versus cosmetic in nature
  • Whether you’re having a primary (first time) eyelid surgery or a revision
  • IF you’re having BOTH eyes done and UPPER and LOWER at the same time or separately
  • Phone us for a consultation for a price quote: 0388491444.
  • You can also attend an EVENT to meet one of Australia’s best eyelid surgeons, Dr Benjamin Burt FRANZCO/FACS (ask us which 2019 events he’ll be attending).

Does Medicare Cover Blepharoplasty (Eyelid Surgery/Eyelid Lifts)?

Some eyelid surgeries may be medically warranted. For eligibility for a rebate, you need to:

  • meet strict criteria
  • have extensive pre-surgery testing
  • submit numerous documents, reports and photographs
  • wait until AFTER surgery to find out if you’re case has been approved for a Medicare rebate
  • you’ll still have OUT OF POCKET cost


Does Private Heath such as Bupa or Medibank Cover Blepharoplasty for ptosis?

  • If you ARE eligible for Medicare/MBS item codes/rebates for your eyelid condition and eyelid surgery, then
  • Your PHI (Private Health Insurer or Health Fund such as Medibank or Bupa) MAY cover some of your hospital costs or surgery fees
  • You’ll have to pay for surgery UP FRONT, then apply to Medicare and your Policy, and NOT all policies cover this, so be sure you check to see what’s covered.
  • Be sure to read: WILL MEDICARE COVER EYELID SURGERY/BLEPHAROPLASTY? MBS codes and rebate criteria and new changes to health fund policies (gold, silver, bronze and basic) as this all will impact your coverage.
  • Check with your PHI to find out more.


TIP: Medicare rebates for surgery is subject to sudden changes and Health Fund policies are being restructured in 2019


Can I use Early Withdrawal of SUPER to pay for Eyelid Surgery?

Some patients may be eligible to apply for early withdrawal of SUPER to pay for plastic surgery.

Are there any PAYMENT PLANS or FINANCE OPTIONS for EYELID procedures?

  • No, we offer no payment plans and doing so is against medical rules in Australia. You can, however, make regular payments BEFORE YOU HAVE surgery if you wish.
  • Your best timing option (your preferred date) for having eyelid surgery can be reserved by paying a deposit/fee.  The FULL BALANCE of your surgery is DUE at least 2 weeks PRIOR to your procedure.
  • Visit our payment methods page for details on accepted payment methods.

Recovery after Eyelid Surgery


How long does recovery take after having a Blepharoplasty? Eyelid Surgery Recovery Time frames

  • Healing, swelling and redness during your recovery after eyelid surgery can VARY.
  • However, most patients need to rest their eyes for AT LEAST 1 to 2 weeks, sometimes longer.
  • The typical range for resting your eyes during immediate recovery is 2 weeks as an average but may be longer for some patients (your eyes will tire more readily as they heal, then tend to return to usual).
  • Returning to work time frames after eyelid surgery:  Returning to work CLEARANCE can VARY depending on:
    • your surgery healing processes
    • complications if any
    • the type of work you perform
    • your Surgeon’s recommendations

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Is there anything I can do to SPEED UP my surgery recovery?

  • Patients who are healthy, follow Surgery recovery instructions, do not smoke, and use the Rapid Recovery Pack from our team in Melbourne, usually gain the best results and recovery periods after eyelid procedures.
  • We also have RAPID RECOVERY packages and special healing aid protocols that help most patients heal more quickly and more comfortably – ask our Melbourne experts what they recommend and be sure you follow their instructions!
  • Sometimes special icing protocols can also assist in reducing bruising, swelling and discomfort.


Phone 03 8849 1444 and ask to see Melbourne’s expert Blepharoplasty Surgeon, Dr Benjamin Burt for natural-looking results and best-practice patient care.

Where are the SCARS after Blepharoplasty?

Eyelid surgery scars are often placed in the natural eyelid skin creases. This can vary, but usually leaves scars:

  • not overly noticeable by others when the eyes are open
  • able to heal well for healthy patients
    • sun exposure must be avoided
    • smoking is a definite ‘no-no’ for any surgical procedure
    • follow your Surgeon’s specific instructions for best results
  • Scarring typically fades over several months and can be hidden in the crease (this can vary from patient to patient).
  • Watch a video of a patient’s recovery process. Healing from Eyelid Surgery: Recovery Video Diary – first 5 days.
  • Understand scars, recovery and results VARY patient to patient
  • Recognise asymmetry will remain between the LEFT and RIGHT sides of the face, including your eyelids, even after surgery (some asymmetry can be corrected but two eyelids or scars will never be perfectly identical)

Does having eyelid surgery hurt? Is Blepharoplasty painful?

  • Our Surgeons have ways to minimise your discomfort DURING and AFTER your procedure.
  • This is done using local numbing agents and local anaesthetic injections (these injections CAN sting a bit during the early part of your procedure).
  • You will likely have bruising, swelling and/or redness after surgery.
  • You may need to sleep upright for several days or for the duration your Surgeon recommends.
  • Ask your Surgeon what to expect in terms of discomfort and learn how to facilitate your recovery using a Rapid Recovery Package.

When can I return to work after having a Blepharoplasty?

  • Timeframes for returning to work after blepharoplasty surgery is something to discuss directly with your eyelid Surgeon.
  • You need to allow your eyes to rest as they are healing, and ideally, this takes 2 weeks.
  • Depending on your job role and how you respond to surgery, some patients may return in 1 week up to 2 or more weeks.
  • Ask about RAPID RECOVERY PACKAGES and how they might help you recover better after eyelid surgery.

What eyelid surgery Risks do I need to be aware of?

All invasive surgery has risks.

In general, however, potential complications and risks specifically related to eyelid reduction/eyelid lift surgery may include, but are not limited to:

  • dry eye syndromes
  • blinking issues
  • uneven appearance of the eyelids
  • vision impairment
  • operative bleeding or bruising
  • eye function injury

These are some of the key reasons why it’s important to choose the best possible surgeon for your eyelid procedure.

  • We suggest seeing Dr Benjamin Burt, FRANZCO/FACS, for an opinion on your surgery needs and which procedure will suit your condition or eyelid appearance concerns the best.
  • Dr Burt has devoted his entire medical practice to surgery of the eyes and eyelids (he is a caring, highly experienced Specialist Oculoplastic Surgeon who is highly regarded by his peers and patients alike).


Choosing from the Best Eyelid Surgeons and Blepharoplasty experts in Melbourne


Which Surgeons can I choose to perform my Blepharoplasty surgery in Melbourne?


Send a confidential enquiry form today or we welcome your call on (03) 8849 1444 in Melbourne.

Additional Eyelid Surgery Patient Resources

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Glossary of Terms – Eyelid Surgery

  • Oculoplastic Surgeon – an expert or specialist who focuses on eye-area surgical procedures for cosmetic, medical or corrective and reconstructive reasons; with additional eye function expertise
  • Plastic Surgeon – an expert or specialist who performs reconstructive, cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures including of the entire face (facelift, necklift, chin augmentation and more, as well as body surgery)
  • Blepharoplasty  – eyelid surgery, also known as an eyelid lift, eyelid reduction or upper or lower blepharoplasty
  • Eyelid lift – a colloquial term for surgically reducing ptotic eyelid skin
  • Upper Blepharoplasty – lifting and reducing crepey, lax skin from ABOVE the eyes – also called an “upper bleph”
  • Lower Blepharoplasty – reducing eye bags and puffy bulges UNDER the eyes; tightening orbital muscles to give a rejuvenated, fresher look to the face – also called a “lower bleph”
  • Ptosis of the eyelid – sagging, drooping eyelid skin (ptotic skin)
  • Eyelid Crease – a distinguishable area or fold where the upper eyelid between the rounded part of your eyelid and your eyebrow intersect; the crease is typically visible when you blink, look down and/or have your eyes closed
  • Incisions – cuts made in the skin or other tissues, using sharp surgical instruments such as a surgical blade or laser – for eyelid surgery, the incision is often made in the eyelid crease area
  • Excisions – surgical removal or reduction of tissues such as droopy eyelid skin or redundant tissues
  • Asian Eyelid surgery – double eyelid surgery helps to create a single crease in the no-crease or double-folded eyelid common in individuals of Asian heritage
  • Sutures – stitches or staples used to re-connect skin that has been operated on (incised or excised)
  • Suture removal – taking the stitches or sutures out after a certain amount of skin healing has occurred
  • Recovery period – the length of time it takes patients to recovery or heal from surgical incisions
  • Revision surgery – a “redo” or a primary eyelid procedure
  • Entropion and Ectropion – conditions impacting the lashes or lower eyelids, such as:
    • lashes turning inwards in Entropion conditions
    • Ectropion – lashes sagging outwards or eyelids not functioning properly
  • Canthoplasty – click here for information
  • Scar – a mark left where the skin was cut with a sharp instrument such as a surgical blade or laser
  • Scar maturation – how long it takes for scars to fully heal

*Disclaimers and Patient Education about Eyelid Procedures:  All patients are different and surgery can yield varying results. Because everyone is different, there is no guarantee that your surgery will be free of complications or risks. Remember, results vary and all invasive surgery has risks.