Best Swimsuits for Showing Off Your Cleavage This Summer


Wondering WHAT to wear in Bali? Read the Best Swimsuits for showing off your cleavage this summer, updated for 2019, to help you find the perfect swimsuit or bikini to wear after breast surgery.

Best Swimwear to Accentuate your Cleavage after having breast surgery – from bikinis to one-piece swimsuits

Before we reveal the BEST CLEAVAGE flattering swimwear choices this summer, here are a few reminders for your post-op care after breast surgery:

  • Remember, recovery after breast surgery is important – be sure you’re healed BEFORE you hit the water, especially overseas.
  • Protect fresh incision lines from all bacteria laden waters – not only at the beach, sauna or pool, but even the showers if overseas (it’s best practice to postpone your travel plans UNTIL you’re completely healed after breast surgery, and keep those scars away from the sun).

TIP: It’s imperative you protect your incision lines from sun exposure and from contaminated waters until you’re fully healed. 

That noted, if you spent your past holidays:

  • HIDING your chest
  • WEARING heavily padded push-up bikini tops that always ended up looking lopsided
  • avoiding wearing SWIMWEAR altogether

Then you may find yourself excited about revealing your new cleavage contours after having breast surgery, such as size enlargement or uplifting, shaping and reduction procedures.

Hence, if you’re planning a holiday to Bali or another favourite beach, here’s what’s helpful to know about choosing the best swimwear to show off your cleavage

There aren’t many feelings better than slipping into the ultimate piece of swimwear that makes you feel like a million bucks.

  • After your breast surgery (cleavage enhancement or lift and reduction), you no doubt want to celebrate your new look when you go on holidays by the beach.
  • Now that you’ve got it, flaunt it, they say.


Especially after you’ve taken the plunge (pun intended) and gone for the breast cleavage you always wanted, you’re likely wanting to know what’s best to wear in terms of cleavage-flattering fashion choices – including swimwear, lingerie, bikinis and bras.

The great news is you are likely to feel you have more fashion choices – and you might enjoy experimenting with different styles, colours and cleavage-boosting swim wear.

  • Whether you went larger or smaller, you’re likely to be reveling in your new breast shape appearance and want to know which bikinis and swimwear is best to wear this summer.
  • Just remember, the sun ages your skin and worsens your scars – always wear high SPF sun screen (30 or above) and wait the recommended period of time before sunbathing after getting implants or having a reduction.

But below are some swimwear options to consider before you take your “new boobs” to Bali after your breast surgery in Melbourne.

zip up front swim suit - Nautica style for Bali best-swimwear-and-bikinis-to-wear-this-summer

First, let’s look at Competitive Swimming after Breast Surgery

What to Wear in the Pool after getting implants

  • Swimming after a breast surgery may feel a bit different at first, and you may find you need to change your stroke ever so slightly but your swimming coach can likely help.
  • Ask other swimmers for suggestions on what to wear; as a number of women competing professionally in sports such as swimming, climbing or running have done so after having breast implants.
  • Fortunately, most competitive swimwear options have good support and body-hugging comfort for your new, slightly larger breasts.

Breast Implant Fashion Tips: If you’re doing laps or going long distances for a swim, or surfing, after you get breast implants, opt for a one-piece swimsuit that hugs your body.

  • There are several great body hugging, chest hugging one-piece swim suits available.
  • One option that you might enjoy wearing after implants is a zip-front swimsuit that lets you show a bit of cleavage after you’ve finished your pool laps or swimming comps.
  • A front zip is also easy to get in and out of when you need to change quickly before or after a swimming comp.
  • If you’ve had a reduction vs an enlargement, you may particularly enjoy this style of swimwear.


Zip up Swimwear tip: If it feels comfortable to you, try a colourful zip-front model from Speedo (shown below) or Nautica brands (shown above).

Wearing Bikinis after Breast Surgery

Showing off your Cleavage and New Boobs in Bali

  • So what great swimsuits should you set your eye on – and budget into your holiday spend – before you drive to the back beaches of Mornington or jet off to Darwin, Perth, Adelaide, Bali, Thailand or the Maldives?

Some of the best styles for boosting your new cleavage after getting breast implants include:

  • Plunge styles with deep v-necks
  • Balconette styles
  • Push-up styles
  • Halter tops
  • Zip Up styles
  • Just about anything that you feel sexy and confident wearing – you have so many choices now, try a variety to see what you prefer – enjoy!

The Rules of Cleavage Boosting Swimwear – Deciding What to Wear After Getting Your Breast Implants

Of course, with your new upper body curves, overall body proportions and breast cleavage, you are bound to feel sexy and confident in nearly anything you wear, so long as it suits your body and your style preferences. But if you are wanting to experiment with new outfits after breast surgery, it’s usually a great time to get familiar with what looks best to wear with your new boob contours (breast volume and/or breast cleavage).

So try on everything you like, and see what feels best, looks best and fits best!

Just be sure you wear the proper bra supports as much as your Surgeon recommended – nearly everywhere except the beach for short periods of time (unless you’re playing Volleyball, in which case – definitely wear a supportive upper body garment like a sports bra or firmly supportive one-piece swimsuit.


But there are a few sartorial rules you might want to follow when it comes to making the most of your newly enhanced breast shape after getting breast implants.

After Breast Surgery: What To Wear – Best Swimsuits or Bikinis for Cleavage Confidence

Stay away from triangle styles – popular stand by swimwear options, triangle bikini tops tend to do nothing to make the new girls stand out. They also offer very little support.  So walk away from the triangle shape!


Say yes please to plunge – plunging styles are always going to give you more uplift.

Add in a halter shape and now you’re talking!



Gel is still your friend – Who says gel and padding are only for the more modestly-chested ladies?

You can add even more va-va-voom to your post-surgery bust line with some cleverly added gel and extra boosting material. Whilst you may have chosen breast implants because you were tired of wearing push up bras or extra padding, you were likely wise to go for a size, shape and breast volume increase that was reasonable for your overall proportions and existing breast tissues.

Despite you have your own larger breasts after surgery – who says that whilst on holidays or at the beach, you can’t go even bigger for a temporary change?

Go for it! (Just remember, that when it comes to breast implants, big implants will sag more quickly or might show more beneath the skin. There’s good reason your Surgeon encourages you to choose a body-proportionate, skin friendly size and profile of breast implant for surgery. But that doesn’t mean you can’t occasionally pull out the ‘chicken fillet’ bra padding again or extra-gel-help push up bra when you want go bigger temporarily – just for fun.

Show Stopper Swimsuits: Some of our fave Aussie-grown stockists for boobilicious swimwear to show off that new boob job on the beach!


Seafolly Australia is great for all ladies with larger boobs, whether they want to show them off in or discreetly minimize them (such as women with heavy breasts might do before a Breast Reduction Surgery).

For the ladies who want to flaunt it, there are some stunning choices for the larger bust and for women who wants to make an impact with cleavage!

BOOBAH – Gorgeous Swimwear

Boobah Swimwear is an Australian company with some gorgeous bust-enhancing pieces. The Pammy range has some of the widest choices of colours, prints and styles, all geared towards making your bosom your most prominent feature! Pammy Sista is our favourite, with its deep plunging halter – and the range of styles is mind-blowing!

And in the image above, how great does this Balconette bikini top look for enhancing upper pole cleavage!

SWIMWEAR FINDER BY SUGAR CHILLI – Highlight Your Cleavage after Breast Surgery

Swimwear finder by Sugar Chilli Swimwear is another home-grown Aussie site with a highly-respected expert interest in making the décolletage take centre stage! It features hundreds of styles features from an array of gorgeous brands across the web that offer push-up and D+ cup for boosting your new cleavage-enhanced breasts to the max!


We just love this Billabong Surfside halter bikini top with its cleavage-enhancing stripes and bow!

MAX CLEAVAGE – Post Breast Implant Swimwear

As the name suggests, Max Cleavage knows how to maximize your cleavage with the best boobifying swimwear!

The site was founded by Emma Clark and has been featured in OK! Magazine, Cosmopolitan, and Company. Of the firm believe that there is no such thing as too much enhancement, you can enjoy a range of gel bikinis to give even your post-boob job enhances bust an even extra bit of oomph for those days when you want to say “hello, boys!”

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