Best Post Baby Body Workouts


Best Post-Baby Body Workouts & How to Get Your Body Back When Exercise Fails 

You might not feel infatuated with having an infant every hour of the day. Especially if they’re keeping you up all night. But no doubt, you LOVE being a Mum. Yet if you’re like most Mums, you’re not exactly thrilled with what having kids has done to your body. So if you’re looking at your pre-baby body VS your post-baby body – chances are you’re wondering how to “get it back”.  Here are some TIPS for Mums of all ages to getting fitter and firmer again. We provide a link to the best Post-Baby Body workouts (post-pregnancy workouts), and how to get your body back when exercise fails.

Pre-Baby Body vs Post-Baby Body: Can body changes after pregnancy be fixed with exercise alone?

Common changes to your body after pregnancy are listed below. Some will respond to exercise, and some won’t. Plus, everyone is different.  So the answer to the question “is exercise enough to get your body back after pregnancy” is sometimes “YES” and sometimes “NO.”


Is exercise, alone, enough to get your body back? Yes and No.

How effective your post-baby body workouts will be really depends on a number of factors. 

The effectiveness of exercising after pregnancy will depend upon:

  • how much weight you gained during pregnancy
  • what you’re eating patterns are like after having kids
  • if you had any complications, such as gestational diabetes
  • how large your baby was – or if you carried twins or triplets
  • how your c-section or vaginal delivery progressed
  • the impact of the pregnancy AND the birth experience on your core strength (abs) and overall health’
  • how often you get to exercise on a regular basis once the kids come along


How soon after delivery or C-Section can you exercise?

According to general guidelines, you’ll need to wait the recommended:

  • 6 weeks after a vaginal delivery
  • 8 weeks after a C-section

before starting most exercises after having a baby.

Follow whatever your own personal Medical Team recommends. But once you do start exercising, you’ll get a sense of what IS working for your body – and what isn’t quite doing the trick. Professional exercise instructions by a post-pregnancy expert Physiotherapist is a good investment to optimise your results.

You can try the best post-baby workouts suggested by the experts, and still find you have excess fat around the belly or a belly bulge.

best post-baby-body-workouts-tummy-bulge-baby

  • That’s often because hormonal changes, lack of sleep and on-the-run eating all take their toll on your body.
  • Plus, if you have split or torn abdominal muscles after pregnancy (which many women DO), it’s known as Diastasis Recti.
  • If you have Diastasis Recti, some exercises will only make it worse.

Solutions for Diastasis Recti: If your abs are torn after pregnancy, you can try exercise, but do so under the guidance of a special post-baby health professional or physiotherapist. Because the best remedy for torn abs is typically going to be a surgical repair, such as you’d get in a Plastic Surgeon preformed Tummy Tuck. Split muscles are unlikely to suddenly merge together again properly on their own.  See a top Plastic Surgeon for post-baby body assessment and surgical abdominal repair details. Search our blog for more articles on Torn Abs/Diastasis Recti.

Post-pregnancy body & breast changes can leave you with a drastically changed physique and a loss of body confidence.  Good nutrition, post-baby body workouts AND – for some Mums – a highly skilled Plastic Surgeon – may help you get it ‘back’. 


Pregnancy and Childbirth Body Changes: What to Expect After Having a Baby

  • Even if you do all you can to STAY in shape before, during or after your pregnancy, things WILL change after birth.  
  • If you DO work to get your body “back” again – know that it is unlikely to ever be exactly as firm as it was before you nurtured and gave birth to a several-kilo infant.
  • Remember, too, that by the time you have your child and start exercising again, you WILL have aged by nearly a year – and ageing DOES matter, particularly for slightly older Mums who have their children later in life – because the skin is simply less resilient and the metabolism MAY have slowed down a bit, making it potentially harder to lose weight and get fitter again.
  • BUT some women actually take their post-baby bodies to NEW LEVELS after pregnancy, such as Nadia (interviewed by the Plastic Surgery Hub) who delivered large twins and got her body back through a combination of exercise, Tummy Tuck Surgery and excellent nutrition.



Nadia’s Abdominoplasty Story – After Having Twins!


Loose skin and tummy bulges after pregnancy are just what happens when changes occur to your body. 

These body changes relate to: 

  • hormonal changes, metabolism changes 
  • alterations to your daily routines and eating habits
  • delivery, birth and C-Section challenges
  • breast-feeding
  • body ageing.

So it is important to stay as healthy and fit as you possibly CAN during pregnancy AND after pregnancy, to have a post-baby body that you’re happy to live with.

  • We fully understand staying fit and healthy can be difficult to accomplish after pregnancy, when you have so little time for yourself.
  • We suggest trying to find a local Mums & Bubs pilates class or try carefully exercising with the children nearby (this photo may make this look easy, but it’s typically not that easy – we understand – but try to persist – and consider getting a babysitter so you can take time for yourself).
  • Below, we also offer a link to some great exercises that we think are some of the best post-baby body workout strategies on offer for new Mums.


Skin reduction after pregnancy takes a surgical approach.

Post-Baby Body Workouts can help you get fit again, but damaged abs and skin folds after pregnancy cannot be exercised away.

  • Belly fat after pregnancy may or may not respond well to even the best post-baby body workouts and diet changes.
  • Skin folds or sagging tummy skin, sadly, can’t be exercised away like some fat stores can be.
  • Redundant or excess skin after having a baby must be surgically reduced (or otherwise ‘lived with’); although some non-surgical treatments may work for very mild cases of loose skin.
  • If minor fat stores are the issue, sometimes liposuction can help; but many Mums require abdominal muscle repair, skin reduction and fat reduction via liposuction and excision methods to get a flatter tummy again after pregnancy.
  • Ask our Team about skin reduction body contouring options and EnCurve fat reduction treatments by phoning us on (03) 8849 1444 during clinic hours or sending in an enquiry form.

The truth is, your post-baby body exercises & nutrition choices MAY help reverse SOME of the undesired post-baby body changes.



In Summary, NOT ALL of the impacts of pregnancy on your body will resolve with a healthy lifestyle alone, but there are some good exercises to try under the direction of a Physiotherapist.

  • Exercising properly is important for good results.
  • Consult a physiotherapist to learn ‘good form’ and what exercises are likely to be most helpful after having a baby.
  • For example, diastasis recti – torn abdominal muscles – can leave you with a stubborn belly bulge that gets WORSE when you exercise that area, not better.
  • That’s because the ab muscles simply aren’t where they’re supposed to be (or used to be); this often requires surgical repair.
  • Fat distribution may have also changed during or after pregnancy and your pelvic area (bones and tendons) may have shifted or stretched or become more limber; this may change how you should exercise and what the results will be over time.

But for some women, plastic surgery is going to be their best option after having children.

Surgery by a skilled Specialist Plastic Surgeon can reduce sagging skin and replenish empty looking breasts which significantly drooped, shrunk (or expanded uncomfortably) after pregnancy.

Which exercises are best for your post-baby body workout? 

Our top pick for POST-BABY exercises can be found by clicking here.


For women who want to regain more of their pre-baby body vs post-baby body, it’s often well worth meeting with a Plastic Surgeon to find out what your best options are.

When other forms of non-surgical rejuvenation fail, you’ll want to start exploring what’s involved with cosmetic plastic surgery after pregnancy.


For suitable surgical candidates, Mummy Makeover procedures such as Tummy Tuck Surgery & Breast Lift, Breast Reduction and Breast Augmentation can:

  • Help you get a smoother looking stomach
  • Re-position, contour and uplift your breasts to help ‘re-position’ or ‘relocate’ nipples and breast tissues
  • Leave you feeling more comfortable wearing fitted, tailored clothing again
  • Help you return to enjoying wearing bikinis, swimwear, sleeveless clothing or lingerie
  • Remove a bulging belly appearance commonly called “a muffin top”
  • Return your body confidence and restore a sense of femininity by helping smooth your body contours so you feel sexier and more desirable or more body-confident rather than ‘covering up’ with baggy clothing
  • Help you feel like “a yummy mummy’ —  a parent who maintains a fit, healthy and balanced appearance despite raising young children

A Mummy Makeover is not a replacement for exercise and good nutrition and individual patient results can vary significantly.


  • Whilst Body Contouring and Cosmetic Breast Surgery procedures can help remedy parts of your body that cannot be fixed by exercise or good nutrition alone, it is important to exercise and maintain a healthy weight for best results.
  • And it’s important to have realistic expectations of what surgery can, and cannot, do for your body.

Read our Disclaimer pages for information about variances in surgical outcomes for different patients.


Contact us today by sending in an enquiry form or – if during Clinic hours – phone us on (03) 8849 1444.  We look forward to helping you assess your suitability for surgery or other non-surgical approaches to getting your post-baby body to a point you love the skin you’re in, again, as well as your children!