Breast Reduction Surgery in Summer


Scheduling surgery can be a challenge for some patients, and some will consider surgery over summer. If this is you, try to plan as far in advance as possible so that you can relax going into your surgery experience.  In terms of having heavy, pendulous breasts which may be reduced via breast reduction surgery (a Reduction Mammoplasty), ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you tired of having physical pain due to the size and position of your breasts?
  • Do you wish you could wear whatever you wanted, without having to consider how your breast size will impact your choices?
  • Are you longing for a more balanced upper half or fewer skin irritations such as chaffing, under breast sweat or skin infections?
  • Do you want to overcome the swimwear limitations and other discomforts of heavy, sagging breast tissues, known as pendulous breasts?

If you answer yes, you may find yourself exploring your options for a Breast Reduction and/or Breast Lift surgery.

And once you have surgery, you’ll want to explore the best bikinis and one-piece swimsuits to wear to the beach – without the fear of having nothing to wear that you feel comfortable in whether you’re at the beach or in the Board Room over summer.

Breast Reduction Surgery in Melbourne – Is Summer is a good time to have Surgery?

There is actually no perfect time for Surgery. Some temperatures are more comfortable than others, however, especially if you have to wear a special support garment for several weeks (occasionally a Tummy Tuck support garment in Summer might feel uncomfortably warm). But for breast surgery, summer might be a suitable time so long as you avoid getting sunlight on your new incision lines (sun exposure on fresh surgery incisions can detrimentally impact your scar formation – ask your Surgeon for details). So what about having Breast Reduction Surgery in summer? What’s helpful to know?

  • You need to make your own timing decisions based upon your lifestyle and responsibilities.
  • You may need to shift your day to day obligations to allow yourself enough time to heal properly to enable a good recovery process.
  • But if you’re business or childcare responsibilities are more readily shifted during Summer, then it might be a more suitable time for some patients to pursue their cosmetic plastic surgery.

Example: the children may be with other relatives (or away at Summer Camp); your OFFICE or UNIVERSITY may be closed for a few weeks, meaning it MAY be just a bit easier to take time away from work and parenting responsibilities to have your procedure performed.

Or perhaps your siblings or parents are visiting over Summer and can help you with the kids!


Busy Lifestyles and Planning for Plastic Surgery (Breast Reduction)

Everyone has a unique lifestyle, and most of us are busy. Yet Summer in Melbourne often brings the chance to leave work and school behind for a few weeks, and stop to relax by the pool or bay. However, summer isn’t always a breeze for women with sagging breasts or a very large breast volume size.

That’s because having heavy breasts can cause postural problems, back pain, neck pain and social discomfort. Deflated breasts that hang too low over the breast crease, and heavy breasts that splay to the side when you recline, may mean you might NOT feel exactly comfortable in summer. Then there’s the extra sweat and chaffing or skin irritation of having skin on skin in summer. You get the picture. But what can be done?

Fortunately, breast reduction surgery can ease the weight of heavy breasts and restore your nipples – and breast tissues – to a more central location on your chest wall.

Does the weight of your breasts or their size leave you dreading bather & bikini season – not to mention Melbourne’s shocking heat waves?

If your cup size or breast shape is taking away YOUR full enjoyment of summer’s fun – or limiting your choices in more revealing summer fashions – cosmetic breast surgery may help.  Phone (03) 8849 1444 and ask about a breast reduction or breast lift surgery consultation with our Team of leading Specialist Plastic Surgeons in Melbourne. Consultations are available in Hawthorn East, Berwick and Williamstown. Or READ on to discover how it makes a positive difference in many women’s lives.  You can always send an enquiry form (below) OR even register to attend a patient evening event to see some Before & After Photos of Breast Reduction Surgery.

Breast Reduction Surgery - best care practices by the team at Dr Craig Rubinstein's offices in Melbourne


Breast Reduction & Breast Lift Surgery: Why Choosing It Before or During Summer May be Best for Comfort IF you have large, heavy pendulous breasts you want reduced in size.

Skin infections and excess sweating are common when your breasts are too large or heavy (so is chaffing and bra strap dig-ins).

  • Summer and the turn of the YEAR to a new year might be a great time to turn the page to a NEW YOU.
  • It might also be that hot weather leaves you with uncomfortable sweat under the breast tissues (or a rash or skin infection).
  • You may even be suffering from hyperhydrosis.
  • Or perhaps you simply feel uncomfortable wearing swimsuits – that is, if you can find a swimsuit you love that also fits well.

Or it might be that since you’ve raised your children or went through weight loss or menopause, your breasts now seem empty or saggy – and you’re feeling self-conscious about them, particularly when summer heat means more revealing pregnancy hernia-repair-abdominoplasty-after-pregnancy-

  • Even women in their 30s and 40s find that breasts can sag after having children or post-breast feeding.
  • Sagging breasts can actually leave your body looking older than it actually is.
  • You may wish to restore firmness and nipple location of the breast tissues – which can be done with a breast reduction OR a breast lift, with or without additional volume enhancement using breast implants – depending on your skin health and your surgery goals.


Breast Lift Surgery & Breast Reduction can be life changing for some patients

If you’re unhappy with large or sagging breast tissues, you’re certainly not alone.  Many women are unhappy with how their breasts look after weight changes or after pregnancy and breast feeding.

  • Women of all ages may find themselves unhappy with heavy breast tissues or sagging nipples.
  • Many women who want a breast lift or breast reduction surgery, feel afraid to take the first step.
  • If that’s you, the FIRST step may be the hardest – but speaking with our caring, empathetic team will put you at ease.
  • And chances are you’ll feel great for having had the courage to pursue what you’re really wanting – more upper body balance and more firmness in your breasts – including nipples that no longer point towards the ground (or to the side when the breasts splay out when you’re reclining)!

So why not call a Patient Team Member and ask for a confidential consultation with one of our Team’s top Breast Surgeons in Melbourne, such as Dr Craig Rubinstein, Dr Richard Maxwell, Dr Geoff Barnett, or Dr Wyten?


Benefits of Breast Reduction and/or Breast Lift Surgery

Body Balance

If you have heavy, low-hanging breasts that impede your posture, cause neck pain and limit your swimwear choices and exercise activities, then a breast lift or breast reduction might be the solution to regain some body balance.

top surgeon for breast-reduction-dr-craig-rubinstein


Breasts that Stay Where You want Them – Perky and Central on the Chest Wall

We all know that if your breasts are large or saggy, they tend to splay out to the side whenever you recline.  Wearing a bikini, this can be embarrassing (especially if you can’t find a good support top for a swimsuit).


More Social Confidence and Fashion Choices

It might not seem like a lot, but having more body confidence goes a long way to feeling more socially vibrant (for many women who’ve told us about their experiences after Breast Reduction Surgery and Breast Lift/Breast Augmentation surgery).

The patient below (featured in an editorial in Vogue magazine in 2016) was extremely happy with having a more balanced upper body and more fashion choices.  She now felt free to wear backless outfits and form fitting tops that seemed impractical to wear before her breast reduction surgery with Dr Rubinstein.


Find out more about your options for Breast Lift or Breast Reduction surgery this summer.

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Last updated: 02/10/2018
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