Asian Rhinoplasty Surgery

Asian Nose Job Surgery:  Nasal Bridge Augmentation

Top Melbourne Surgeons for Asian Nose Job (Rhinoplasty) & Bridge Augmentation Options

Cosmetic Surgery for Women and Men has several top Nose Job Surgeons amongst it’s Specialist Plastic Surgeon team. Our Rhinoplasty “nose job” Surgeons include Dr Douglas McManamny, Our Team of Surgeons, Dr Geoff Barnett and Dr Richard Maxwell (or in Sydney, our team recommends Plastic Surgeon Dr Lionel Chang).  Not all noses are alike, nor should they be made to look overly similar, therefore with Asian Nose Jobs, the surgery is unique and often involves nasal Bridge Augmentation (upper nose surgery) to enhance the nose contours around the eye area or upper cheek area.



Of course, this type of Surgery can change the entire appearance of the face, so should ideally be done with a Specialist Surgeon who has a great eye for aesthetic, natural-looking outcomes that flatter the facial appearance in an individual manner.  In other words, don’t choose a less experienced Surgeon or you might not end up with the nose you were hoping. It is important to remember that the procedure for nose jobs, Asian Nose Surgery or otherwise, are highly complex procedures, and therefore require a highly qualified and experienced Specialist Plastic Surgeon for best results. Some medical experts say that a nose job surgery result is more likely the result of up to 24 separate operations, not just one surgery, although these operations and surgical techniques can often be done in one surgical session under General Anaesthesia.

Asian nose job Rhinoplasty Surgeon Revision

A good nose job for patients of any heritage – including Asian nose surgery – should leave the patient’s face looking natural and balanced

After nose surgery, you’ll ideally have a more balanced facial appearance or more proportionate nose, and some patients find they are no longer distracted or concerned by having a crooked, bumpy, overly large or breathing-blocking nose concern.


Individuals of Asian heritage often have unique cosmetic surgery requirements for nose reshaping (Rhinoplasty surgery), Eyelid Reduction (Blepharoplasty), or Breast Augmentation.

One reason is that the facial structures and anatomy of individuals from different cultures and regions means that certain cosmetic facial reshaping surgeries, such as a facelift, nasal bridge augmentation (sometimes called an “Asian nose job” surgery), eyelid reduction (Asian Blepharoplasty or double-lid eyelid reduction) – and even body contouring using liposuction or Breast Implants – may require a different type of scar management and surgery approach.  For example, armpit breast implant insertion methods are sometimes preferred by patients of Asian heritage who might be concerned about potential keloid scarring or a lighter scar due to skin pigmentation.

Scar management is particularly important in patients with skin that is rich in melanin as they may be more prone to visible scars than patients with Fitzpatrick I or II skin types. Scars are often a greater concern for patients of Asian heritage for Breast Augmentation, for example, meaning the Transaxillary incision approach (Armpit Incisions) by Dr Geoff Barnett might be more suitable for some patients.  


Asian Rhinoplasty Surgery varies from patient to patient.  One reason some patients seek this type of nose job surgery (Asian Nose Reshaping) is to enhance the bridge of the nose in the upper area of the nose, near the eye area.  It must be done with care to achieve a natural-looking outcome that doesn’t impede on the function of the nasal area.

Our Specialist Plastic Surgeons have a large clientelle of patients of Asian heritage as they know the unique requirements for Asian Rhinoplasty and Asian Eyelid Reduction Surgery (Asian Blepharoplasty), for example.


Asian Patients at Cosmetic Surgery for Women – how do you know if you a Rhinoplasty might assist you with your facial surgery aims?

  • Are you wanting to reshape your nose or increase the bridge depth of your nose?
  • Do you prefer a slightly more elevated nasal bridge (the area between your eyes)?
  • Are you wanting to slightly alter your nose profile but still retain a natural-looking result?

At Cosmetic Surgery for Women and Coco Ruby Skin & Anti-Ageing, our Patients come from a wide range of cultures and different ages.

Whatever age you are, and whatever skin type or scar concerns you have, we can usually help.

There are Asian Rhinoplasty options (nose reshaping surgery) as well as a potential solution for minor nose reshaping using Dermal Filler injections.

Surgery is a serious endeavour, however, and if you have a Rhinoplasty the healing and swelling can take nearly a year (sometimes less, sometimes longer) to resolve. So you’ll need to be patient to see your new nose results if you have Rhinoplasty Surgery.

Injections can also help some patients, but this injecting area has risks and you’ll want to choose a top Surgeon or Cosmetic Injecting Team to optimise your safety and minimise risks if you choose these procedures.  Dermal filler injections for nose reshaping also need to be repeated if you decide you want to maintain the new appearance of your nose (whereas Rhinoplasty surgery is longer lasting).

Our Rhinoplasty Surgeons for Asian skin types include Dr Douglas McManamny and Our Team of Surgeons, Dr Richard Maxwell and Dr Geoff Barnett.

For other surgeries, choose our highly experienced Oculoplastic Surgeon Dr Benjamin Burt for Asian Blepharoplasty surgery in Hawthorn East or Berwick,  or Dr Lionel Chang if you’re in Sydney.  Or choose Dr Geoff Barnett for breast implants using the “armpit insertion” approach (Transaxillary Incisions) for placement of the breast implant, with scars hidden in the underarm area (there will be visible scars but this area is sometimes less conspicuous for people than the traditional area of under the inframammary fold).


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Ask our expert face and nose surgeons in Melbourne about Asian “Nose Job” Surgery or Bridge Augmentation Rhinoplasty (Nasal Bridge Augmentation).

We have several Nose Surgery Experts to choose from.

There may be a surgical solution for you or a non-surgical solution using dermal filler injections (may not suit all patients).

It is important to note that NOT all individuals may be suited for nose surgery (Rhinoplasty) nor dermal filler injections; these procedures carry certain risks.

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