Asian Double Eyelid Lift Surgery in Melbourne & Sydney

Asian Eyelid Reduction (Double Eyelid) Blepharoplasty Surgery

In Melbourne, our Eyelid Expert for Asian Blepharoplasty surgeries is Dr Benjamin Burt, Franzco/Facs, Oculoplastic Surgeon who has extensive eyelid lift surgery experience.  Dr Burt has made it his focus to perform only Surgery of the eye area, primarily Upper and Lower Blepharoplasty procedures, Canthoplasty Surgery and reduction of eye bags or sagging eyelid skin. He also performs brow lifts or combined brow lifts and eyelid rejuvenation surgery for men and women of a wide range of ages.


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Asian Blepharoplasty – Double Eyelid Lift Surgery in Melbourne or Sydney

Dr Burt is the go to Surgeon for eyelid surgery in Melbourne.cIn North Sydney suburbs, Dr Lionel Chang in Sydney is an Asian Blepharoplasty (Asian Eyelid Lift) Specialist Plastic Surgeon.


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Facial Rejuvenation for Eyelids, Eyes, Skin and Body

Sometimes eyelid surgery is purely cosmetic, and other times it is to improve vision that has been compromised by sagging eyelids.

If you want cosmetic eyelid surgery or eyelid reduction – or to remove under-eye bags (“eye bags”) and improve your facial appearance, ask for an experienced eye area rejuvenation Surgeon, Dr Benjamin Burt, in Melbourne, Australia.

Our Hawthorn East Clinic in Melbourne is a great places to visit with Surgeon Dr Benjamin Burt to enquire if eyelid rejuvenation surgery (Upper Blepharoplasty, Lower Blepharoplasty or Canthoplasty) is right for you.

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Leading Plastic Surgeon for Facial Rejuvenation, Eyelid Surgery, Nose Augmentation and Scar Revisions: Sydney Colleagues

For Melbourne eyelid surgery, send an enquiry form below.  Or if you’d like to learn about your Sydney location options, click the READ more button to learn about Asian Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon, Dr Lionel Chang, who performs Asian Nose Jobs and Asian Eyelid Surgery to reduce the appearance of double-eyelid folds yet leave a natural looking, aesthetically pleasing eyelid result.

Dr Lionel Chang, Specialist Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon

He has a particular interest in surgeries for Asian patients including eyelid lifts, double-eyelid lift surgeries and asian nose augmentation or “Asian Rhinoplasty.”

Dr Chang performs custom Facial Surgery and laser procedures including rejuvenation or reshaping of the eyelids, nose, and brow.  His patients are of all ages and include men and women of all ethnicities who are wanting to attain a pleasing and natural result for a facial surgery, nose reshaping or augmentation, and eyelid lift procedure.

In addition to being an expert at eyelid lift surgeries (Blepharoplasty) for patients of all types of ethnicity, Dr Lionel Chang is also a Rhinoplasty Augmentation Specialist Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon. Dr Chang and his team are also widely recognised for laser and surgical rejuvenation and revitalisation procedures including for the face and scar revisions or scar minimisation for cosmetic procedures, especially for Asian skin types and other skin tones that are prone to keloid scarring.

As one of Sydney’s leading Specialist Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeons, we are delighted that Dr Lionel Chang is linked with our Specialist Surgeons group which includes the most highly-experienced Plastic Surgeon Team in Australia. Our Surgeons have decades of experience and are renowned for expertise in complex surgery procedures, specialised techniques, cutting-edge scar minimisation and laser rejuvenation.

We have one main aim: to help you have a successful surgery experience and get a pleasing and natural looking results, with minimal scarring, and a rapid recovery time using the latest ‘quick recovery’ processes and tools available to you – from Fraxel to other lasers to Healite II treatments (available in many of our locations).


Trust your Facial Surgery to the Hands of an Expert Plastic Surgeon with over four decades of Surgical Experience

Plastic Surgeon Dr Chang has performed thousands of surgeries for men and women across Australia.   Dr Chang primarily operates in Sydney, New South Wales. He consults with face, eye and nose surgery patients in his Burwood Clinic in North Sydney, NSW, and by appointment only in our Hawthorn Clinic rooms in Melbourne, Victoria.

With over four decades of surgical experience, Dr Chang has helped thousands of men and women refine the appearance of their eyelids, ensuring patients get a natural-looking, aesthetically pleasing surgical result.

You’ll find Dr Lionel Chang to be a caring, dedicated and highly-experienced Plastic Surgeon and you will have the peace of mind knowing you are with a highly skilled specialist for your facial, eyelids, nose & other rejuvenation and augmentation procedures.

Dr Chang ensures all of his patients understand the best options and choices that are available to them with modern surgical and laser techniques, from reshaping to refinement to scar minimisation.

Visit our Eye Lid Before & After Page to view some photos or contact a Patient Care Coordinator to arrange to see more in both Melbourne, VIC or Sydney, NSW


Asian Eyelid Lift Surgery (Blepharoplasty Surgery)

Dr Lionel Chang has over 35 years expertise in Eyelid Lift Surgeries, including Double Eyelid Lift Procedures or Asian Blepharoplasty surgery.

Contact a Patient Care Coordinator to arrange to see Before & After photos in Melbourne, VIC or Sydney, NSW


Asian Rhinoplasty (Nose Augmentation)

Dr Chang is also highly regarded throughout Australia and across the globe for his expertise in Revisional Rhinoplasty procedures (e.g., complex nose re-shaping surgery and corrective procedures).

Contact a Patient Care Coordinator to arrange to see Before & After photos in Melbourne, VIC or Sydney, NSW


Scar Minimisation Expertise

Nearly all plastic and cosmetic surgery or reconstructive surgery procedures will leave a scar, which tends to fade over time and can be minimised with certain post-operative scar minimisation protocols and techniques including laser treatments. However, some skin types – including some Asian skin types – may be particularly prone to keloid scarring.

Scar Minimisation is a Specialty Area of Interest for Plastic Surgeon Dr Lionel Chang

With surgery around the eyes, scar minimisation expertise is crucial for the best surgical eyelid lift surgery outcome.

Dr Chang has decades of experience getting natural and aesthetically pleasing facial surgery results, with minimal scarring.  Plus, if you have a pronounced scar from an earlier procedure that you’d really like to get revised, ask Dr Lionel Chang and his expert Laser team if they can help you with a scar revision procedure.

Dr Lionel Chang’s Experience, Training & Qualifications

Dr Lionel Chang is a sought-after Surgeon who has worked and taught others in many countries around the world.   He has been a fully qualified Plastic Surgeon since completing his training in 1981, and has performed thousands of eyelid lifts (Blepharoplasty surgeries), Rhinoplasty surgeries and breast surgeries for patients of many different ethnicities.

Dr Chang has specific interests in the surgical and laser revitalisation of Asian skin and facial features and is known for his laser scar revision and scar removal strategies.

Dr Chang’s top Surgical Training

Qualifications and Appointments

  • Sydney University MBBS Graduate
  • FRCS-London and FRACS

Plastic surgery experience at:

  • The Victorian Plastic Surgery Unit
  • Odstock Hospital, UK
  • Canniesburn Hospital, Glasgow
  • RPA Hospital Sydney
  • Columbia Presbyterian Hospital, New York

He has managed his own Private Practice since 1982 and has been appointed to operate, supervise, teach and lead other Surgeons in several large hospitals in Sydney and surrounding regions in New South Wales including VMO, Campbeltown. Liverpool and Bankstown hospitals.

With Private as well as Public Hospital surgery experience, he has also performed numerous surgeries at the following Sydney NSW locations.

  • The Sydney Private Hospital
  • Holroyd Private Hospital
  • Strathfield Private Hospital
  • Minchinbury – Private Hospitals

Surgical Support Team & Anaesthetists

Dr Chang uses a top team of Anaesthetists and Surgical Support Staff and operates at accredited hospitals and his surgical facilities in Burwood (North Sydney) in New South Wales, Australia.

To ask a question or to arrange an appointment for Eyelid or Facial Surgery with Dr Lionel Chang in Burwood, North Sydney OR by special appointment in our Hawthorn East Clinic in Melbourne, Victoria, please send a confidential Enquiry form to one of our Patient Care Coordinators.


Asian Eyelid Surgery & Double Eyelid Surgery – Blepharoplasty Melbourne

Blepharoplasty Surgeon

Leading Oculoplastic Surgeon, Dr Benjamin Burt, FRANZCO FACS, is our team’s Eyelid Lift Surgeon.  Read more about Dr Benjamin Burt for Melbourne patients seeking eyelid surgery.


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