Armpit Breast Augmentation – Transaxillary Breast Enlargement Incisions


Armpit Breast Augmentation: The Transaxillary Incision Approach to Breast Enlargement Surgery using Breast Implants

Transaxillary Breast Implants: Armpit Incisions vs Inframammary Fold Incisions

Many people ask about what scars they will have after they undergo breast augmentation.  Most surgery incisions, and surgery-related scars – can be hidden in creases of the body.  Some scars can be made less conspicuous by placing the breast implant insertion incisions below the breasts (in the inframammary crease) or – for some patients – in the armpit area (known as a Transaxillary Incision or Transaxillary Breast Augmentation surgery).  When it comes to breast augmentation (enlargement) cosmetic plastic surgery using quality breast implants (such as Mentor or Motiva), there is a unique incision strategy for people who are prone to highly visible scars or keloid scarring.  An ideal solution for people with melanin-rich skin (including women of Asian, Mediterranean, Maori, African, Middle Eastern or Egyptian decent, the armpit incision option for breast implants is called the Transaxillary Implant Incision method.

The Armpit Breast Enlargement Approach (First Time Breast Surgery Only)

Unique Incision Strategy for Asian Skin and other Melanin-rich Skin Types

People who are concerned about their scar formations after surgery, including women of Asian heritage and individuals with more pigmented skin types, may opt for a different insertion method for their breast implants.  This is the armpit incision method versus the inframmary incision method, and it has some advantages for women who are prone to scarring.  Find out more by phoning us on (03) 8849 1444 and asking about the Armpit Incision Method or Transaxillary Method of inserting breast implants.

Dr Geoff Barnett and Dr Richard Sackelariou are our Clinic’s GO TO Specialist Plastic Surgeons for Breast Implants using the Transaxillary incision or “armpit incision” breast implant placement method.

Dr Richard Sackelariou is a breast surgery expert who operates in Sydney and in Melbourne. He performs Asian / Transaxillary Breast Augmentation procedures (using armpit insertion points) as well as other forms of breast surgery including breast lifts or breast reductions as well as combined procedures.

Dr Sackelariou’s schedule fills up quickly, so please phone (03) 8849 1444 to schedule a no-obligation consultation for your breast augmentation procedure.

Dr Richard Sackelariou Specialist plastic surgeon

Specialist Plastic Surgeon Dr Barnett (a Melbourne Specialist with full FRACS qualifications as a highly trained Plastic Surgeon) also performs transaxillary breast augmentations and other breast, body and face surgeries.

dr-geoff-barnett-surgeon transaxillary breast surgery arm pit implant surgery

In addition to armpit insertion methods for implants, Dr Barnett and Dr Sackelariou perform inframammary-fold incisions and sub-facial placement strategies, breast lift surgery to improve sagging breasts after pregnancy or menopause, breast reduction surgery (Reduction Mammoplasty) or Mastopexy-Augmentation (a breast lift with added breast volume using breast implants, for women who want a nipple lift or breast lift and a larger bra cup size).

Our Surgeons also treat patients of a wide range of ages and lifestyles, from age 18 to well over 70, including offering Body Contouring Surgery, Breast Enhancement procedures and Facial Rejuvenation surgeries such as Facelift, Neck lift and Eye lid reduction surgery (Blepharoplasty procedures).  And if you have sagging upper arm skin, ask Dr Barnett about his arm reduction procedures (Brachioplasty Surgery).

Meet Dr Barnett, Specialist Melbourne Surgeon for Breast Enlargement and Transaxillary (Armpit) Incision Breast Augmentation

You can schedule a no obligation consultation to discuss your unique surgery aims with Dr Richard Sackelariou or Dr Geoff Barnett by phoning a Patient Care Coordinator or Practice Nurse on (03) 8849 1444.

“No Scar Breast Augmentation” – The Transaxillary Armpit Breast Augmentation: The “TA” method of Breast Implant Insertion

  • First, while the armpit breast surgery method helps disguise the scar after having breast implants, ALL Surgery leaves a scar.
  • The question is not if there will be a scar or not after breast surgery, but where it will be, and to what degree it will be visible to others.


The Transaxillary or “TA” method of implant insertion involves making incisions along the armpit areas of each arm, then carefully inserting the implant through those incisions and into place on the chest wall (potentially a sub-facial placement).

But ask your Specialist Plastic Surgeon (Dr Richard Sackelariou or Dr Geoff Barnett) about your particular physique and breast augmentation goals.

Good communication is important, as each breast surgery is customised to suit each individual patient, including their overall physique.

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Armpit Incision Scars after Breast Augmentation

Armpit incision scars, as with most surgery scars, heal over time and often tend to fade within 9 to 12 months. But every patient is different and results can vary, so discuss your concerns and your scar healing history with Dr Barnett to choose the best type of incision for YOUR needs and YOUR goals for your Breast Enlargement surgery.  It’s also good to have realistic expectations about scars and know that some of our pre-surgery and post-surgery protocols can really help you to minimise them over time. We may also offer HEALITE II Low-Level Light Therapy Sessions or Rapid Recovery packs depending on your surgery needs and your skin health.

What are the benefits of Transaxillary Incisions for BREAST IMPLANT placements in people with melanin-rich skin (including some of the more pigment-rich skin tones seen on women with some of the more golden or golden-brown Asian, Maori or Middle Eastern skin types)?

  • Using the Transaxillary (Armpit incision) method for breast implants may help reduce visible scarring for women with skin tones prone to lighter scars or prone to keloid types of scarring.
  • This armpit incision and breast implant insertion method can be a preferred surgical option for placing breast implants into patients who have golden, brown or darker skin that shows surgical scars more readily than lighter skin.
  • Placing implants through the armpit can result in less noticeable scars because they are in the armpit area rather than on the chest or breast area
  • Armpit scars may help reduce the appearance of having had breast enlargement surgery or help you disguise that you’ve had surgery if you are concerned about scars in the inframammary fold (these tend to fade to quite minimal scars for a number of patients, and are readily covered by a bra or bikini, but some patients want scar-less breast surgery – since there isn’t an option for NO SCAR surgery given the body must recover from an incision, the armpit breast implant option just gives patients a choice for where they want their scars to be.

It’s important to understand that this is a complex Surgery you’ll want a highly experienced Plastic Surgeon and Specialist to perform, and that this surgery can only be performed as a primary breast augmentation procedure.  This means that for future breast surgery or removal and replacement of the implants, future incisions will need to be made along the inframammary fold or “IMF” (under the breast, with insertion or removal scars often hidden by breast tissues).

Illustration of the Transaxillary Incision versus the Inframammary Incision or Periareolar Incision



The image above shows the early stages of healing of an armpit incision (armpit breast augmentation scar) at approximately 8 weeks after surgery. This scar will continue to fade and will be significantly less visible at 9 to 12 months after surgery.



A note about Scars after Breast Augmentation Surgery including Armpit Incision Augmentation or Inframammary Incision Implant Placement

Scars are evidence of your body’s natural healing processes after you have surgery or other penetration of the skin’s surface.  You cannot heal from an incision, nor from most deep skin wounds, without your body forming some type of scar.

However, surgical scars can sometimes be minimised in a number of different ways, including following pre-surgery and post-surgery protocols, trying silicone strips or special ointments to minimise scars, or even light based or DermaPen types of scar treatments after you’ve had surgery.

Whether you choose to have an Inframammary Fold Incision or an Armpit Incision for your primary breast implants (your first breast enlargement surgery), our Surgeons take great care to help you to minimise your scars.

We also work to ensure a natural looking breast enlargement (breast augmentation) surgery result that suits your entire physique.


Ask our Surgeons for more information on how they minimise scars after Breast Enlargement surgery with the inframammary incision method or the transaxillary (armpit) incision placement method of quality brand Breast Implants.

Send an enquiry form today and a caring and knowledgeable Patient Care Coordinator can answer your questions – no obligation consultations are also available to learn about your options!

We offer Armpit breast augmentation (Asian Breast Surgery) as well as inframammary incision placement of best known Australian-available breast prosthesis (rupture-resistant, cohesive gel/silicone gel breast implants).  Our Surgeon’s prefer either Motiva breast implants or Mentor breast implants – ask them for details on why they use these reputable, quality implant brands with high success rates for longevity and stability of results.

But remember, every patient’s surgery experience is unique.

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