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Before & After Photos of Arm Lift (Arm Reduction) Surgery in Melbourne

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Bilateral Brachioplasty by Dr Richard Maxwell, Specialist Plastic Surgeon in Hawthorn & Williamstown

Before & After Photo Examples (Bilateral Brachioplasty) by Body Contouring & Body Lift Plastic Surgeon, Dr Richard Maxwell

bilateral brachioplasties - brachioplasty arm lift surgery melbourne

Bilateral Brachioplasty by Dr Geoff Barnett, Specialist Plastic Surgeon in Hawthorn & Berwick

Before & After Photo Examples (Bilateral Brachioplasty) by Specialist Plastic Surgeon, Dr Geoff Barnett

Before and After Arm Lift Surgery Photos (Right arm, frontal view photographs)

arm skin removal surgeon

Before & After Arm Lift Surgery Images (Left arm, frontal view photographs)


Arm Reduction surgery flabby triceps melbourne surgeon


Before & After Photo Examples (Bilateral Brachioplasty)

Before & After Arm Lift Surgery Images (Right arm, posterior view photographs)

Arm Reduction surgery bingo arms triceps skin removal surgeon

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