Are Motiva Breast Implants Better? How MOTIVA Differs From Other Brands

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Motiva implants – how do they differ from other implant brands?

Our Specialist Plastic Surgeons aim to offer some of the most reputable breast implant brands available in Australia for Breast Augmentation surgery.

To help you retain satisfaction with your surgery results, we insist upon quality manufactured and warranty-backed breast implants that meet Australian regulatory approval standards. These types of breast prosthesis are monitored by medical device approval organisations.

Interestingly, one of the fast-growing brands of breast prosthesis for breast augmentation is the MOTIVA® brand. This was approved for use in Australia in 2016 and has become a favourite prosthesis by many top Surgeons performing cosmetic and medically-indicated breast reconstruction augmentation procedures to reshape breasts. Recent international breast surgery conferences and symposiums were attended by member(s) of the Plastic Surgery group’s leading Breast Surgery experts and global academics.

In this article, we explore why Motiva Breast Implants MIGHT be better for patients than some other alternatives. But this information is general and each patient must decide on the type of implant by doing adequate research and investigation, as well as consulting with their surgeon. Published March 2018 and updated October 2018.

Are there cost differences or price differences between Motiva and other brand implants such as Mentor?

  1. Yes, most breast prosthesis manufacturers, such as Mentor and Motiva, have not dissimilar prices – but they can vary for a pair of breast prosthesis.  The difference is usually from $300 to $1000 in price/cost for the implants themselves, exclusive of all other surgery fees such as surgery, hospital theatre, surgeon fees and anaesthetists charges during the breast augmentation procedure.
  2. Patients are often willing to pay more for a premium style of breast prosthesis or special breast prosthesis profile types, such as the Motiva brand, in the current Australian breast surgery environment.
  3. Patients also remember when less costly implants were recalled a few years ago and are wise to head caution about discounted prosthesis products that might not be manufactured to the same level of sterility, safety and cohesive-gel quality.

Breast Augmentation Surgery Patients have choices between different medical prosthesis brands, styles, shapes and textures of Breast Implants.

More women today are choosing Motiva for primary Breast Augmentation and for removal and replacement of existing implants when it comes time to have your re-operation.

But is the Motiva prosthesis right for YOU?

  • Only you and your Surgeon can decide.
  • Certainly, another popular brand that has a good reputation in Australia is the Mentor brand.
  • But Motiva is becoming rapidly known and some patients are starting to ask for it by name.

Motiva brand breast implants, breast prosthesis, which is better? motiva-implants-for-breast-augmentation

Motiva in Melbourne – Available at Cosmetic Surgery for Women & Men in Melbourne (Hawthorn East) by our Team’s top Plastic Surgeons

Why is it that the Motiva brand and type of Breast Implants is getting popular?

Motiva is gaining the reputation of having advantages for certain breast augmentation patients, such as very active women, women who had troubles with other types or styles of implants, and women wanting a ‘mini boob job‘.

Definition of a mini-boob job: Smaller breast implants to suit thin frames or the physiques of very active, athletic women.

Ever heard of a Mini Boob Job or Mini Breast Augmentation? Find out more on our blog.

Let’s explore what’s being described as distinct advantages when using the new Motiva Implants® brand, now available at our Plastic Surgery Clinic in Melbourne (let your Surgeon know if you are keen to use this particular brand, and discuss your options thoroughly).


When it comes to which implants might be better for your breast augmentation choices, it’s quite individualised.

  • There’s rarely a ‘one type or one brand’ – and definitely not a ‘one size’ fits all – approach to custom breast augmentations by a trusted Surgeon.
  • AND often, Surgeon’s go with implants they have used before, extensively, and they know they can trust.

You Be the Judge to Decide what’s better for YOU, your LIFESTYLE and your body.

Motiva Implants: Are they available in Melbourne and Australia?

  • Yes, our Melbourne Clinic is able to offer surgery patients the Motiva manufactured brand implants.
  • Spiran ONLY offers Motiva implants to genuinely qualified Specialist Plastic Surgeons, not to general Cosmetic Surgeons who are not actual Specialist Plastic Surgeons.
  • Motiva experts are available at most of the advanced training courses attended by Australia’s top Breast Surgeons including our team at Cosmetic Surgery for Women & Men, located near to Kew, Camberwell, Balwyn, Auburn, Richmond, Hawthorn and other inner eastern suburbs (as well as an easy train ride from the Melbourne CBD).
  • Note that MOTIVA prosthesis have a slight violet or purple tinge in appearance, and can come with an electronic chip device to enable future medical scanning for product type/model and size (many women who get breast implants lose paperwork or forget the type/style or brand, when it comes to re-surgery their surgeon is only guessing at the type of implant they used – that’s one benefit Motiva brand implants offer in terms of database and monitoring of breast implants when it comes time for re-operation or revision surgery).
  • You have a choice however as to whether or not to be part of this database and many patients find it may help their future medical record keeping.

Ask your Surgeon for details or ask the Enquiry Team about which Surgeons use the Motiva or Mentor brands of implants.

What goes into the making of a breast prosthesis (breast enlargement silicone implant)?

What would you want or not want in a breast implant? Should you even be concerned about it?

When you read research studies on implants, you’ll read about rupture rates or potential complications.

  • A rupture is a specific event that can occur in a breast implant where the outer shell or casing of the internal substance becomes damaged in some way
  • The age of the implant (in terms of how long it has been inserted) may be linked with a higher risk of needing a breast implant removal and replacement.
  • But NOT everyone wants to remove their implants if everything is going fine.

Read our blog about how long breast implants last, and whether or not implants should be replaced every 10 years – e.g., the lifetime warranty of a breast implant and what it REALLY means.


Motiva information for the public accessed online 24-10-2018.

Depending on the type or brand of breast implant, if an implant does rupture, there MAY be the potential for the implant to reach or spill out to surrounding tissues. Fortunately, research indicates a significantly lower incidence of rupture incidences and impacts when quality modern implants are used, when compared to earlier breast implant models such as single lumen implants – 1st generation or 2nd generation implants rather than 3rd generation).

  • Rupture plus leakage was reported when certain implants were used, such as single lumen and breast prosthesis brands recalled several years ago in Australia. (Search for breast implant brands and recalls).
  • But today’s quality brands, known as 3rd Generation implants, have been engineered to reduce this risk as much as possible, using cohesive gel technologies, double-lumens or more, and a minimal-handling 14 step patient-safety suggestions for breast implant integrity during insertion by a Plastic Surgeon.

Third generation and up breast implants: most modern silicone breast implants are made of cohesive gels.

  • Cohesive gels have been around since the 3rd generation of breast implants.
  • This tends to mean that if a breast implant become cut, punctured or otherwise injured (often called an ‘implant rupture’), the gel intends to stay in place.
  • Often they refer to this ‘cohesive gel’ type of breast implants as having a ‘gummy bear’ consistency or ‘feel’.
  • They also have higher quality covers of different consistencies/thickness and durability.
  • We are now into the 5th and 6th generations of breast implants in terms of historical changes to manufacturing and sterilisation and patient-safety-standards for approval of these prosthesis.

Gummy Bear Implants – are cohesive gel breast implants more protective?

The consistency of implant gels has changed in recent decades.

  • The cohesive gel implants DO appear to stay together even when damaged by a rupture or trauma to the breast.
  • Even if the shell (the outer casing) of the gel like substance is cut or damaged, the gel is cohesive, so doesn’t tend to leak out.
  • Gel-based implants can also FEEL and LOOK more natural.
  • But the size selection and placement techniques (the required surgical skill) may also have a lot to do with HOW they look after healing from surgery – and how they’ll look for years to come (the longevity of your results).
  • That noted, your body shape, size, weight, proportions and lifestyle factors can also influence how your implants look and feel (natural looking vs fake looking breast augmentation; short term vs long term results of a breast enlargement procedure).

This is often why they call some types of breast implants the ‘gummy bear’ type of breast implant.


Should you get MOTIVA implant or a MENTOR implant – or another brand of implants?

  • That’s really a personal choice, guided by your Plastic Surgeon.
  • General GP surgeons and cosmetic surgeons are NOT able to offer MOTIVA as they are NOT qualified as Plastic Surgeons, and the Motiva brand is dedicated to only allowing fully-qualified FRAC Surgeons/Plastic Surgeons use their products.
  • DO be wary of someone who won’t tell you what brand they use, or won’t show you any data on the brands.
  • Do your homework, and it might even be worth making sure the doctor you use DOES actually buy implants from a reputable brand distributor, especially if you decide to risk your health, safety or well-being by using an overseas doctor you’ve never met before (we highly recommend against this).

Stick to the brands that are legally approved for use in Australia (such as Motiva and Mentor brands); and do your research – including asking your Surgeon for advice.

Make understanding the breast surgery procedure, including risks and surgery recovery and healing times, your research priority.

  • Good Surgeons will happily explain their experience with implant brands and why they prefer one brand over another.
  • Remember, if a Surgeon has performed thousands of Breast implant surgery procedures – they may be considered an expert by their peers (e.g., if they have over 10 to 20 years of experience in cosmetic breast augmentation and other reconstructive plastic surgery AND if they are active in additional education and training and staying up to date with advances in breast surgery techniques and breast implant options).

A good Surgeon will explain their ideal choices for breast implants (breast prosthesis) – and why.

Whether you’ve gone elsewhere or are meeting with one of our Breast Surgery experts, if you feel you’re Surgeon isn’t a good communicator, contact our Team on (03) 8849 1444 and ask us for a second opinion.

Good Surgeons love to answer questions.  Hopefully in a way you’ll understand (but read our Guides To Cosmetic Surgery ahead of time, it’ll really help you know what they are talking about and let you make the most of your consultation).

They’ll also answer any questions you have about the surgery, including healing times, scars, cup size increases and whether or not an implant alone – or an implant with a breast lift – is going to get you the results you’re seeking.

One of the most common reasons women seek removal and replacement of breast implants is SIZE change preferences, followed by a complication.

Research into reoperation size changes.

How patient criteria and lifestyle impacts results from Breast Augmentation Surgery regardless of implant size, type or brand.

Expected Breast Augmentation surgery outcomes – including surgery risks – are sometimes helped – and at other times hindered – by your overall body health, your genetics, your skin condition, your responses to healing from your surgery, your lifestyle factors, and how well your body heals incision lines (and scars).

Here’s a few bits of information that may lead you to exploring your choices of Breast Implants, including different types and sizes under the Mentor brand name and the Motiva brand name.

Motiva and Capsular Contracture: Potentially a slightly reduced risk?

As you researched having a breast augmentation using implants, you’ll also have read about the risk of capsular contracture or “caps con”, which may impact on some patients.

The risk of capsular contracture, requiring reoperation, is a factor to consider when you’re having a breast augmentation. And you’ll learn about this when doing your homework (breast augmentation or breast implant research) or when you meet with a Melbourne Breast expert/Plastic Surgeon explore setting your ideal surgery date after evaluating the risks of augmentation.

  • Motiva researchers claim their implants may slightly reduce the risks of Capsular Contracture.
  • We can’t affirm this potential benefit of choosing Motiva above a different implant brand, in terms of complication risks, has a significant effect – as research continues.

Remember, though, that every patient is different and your results – and your surgery experience – will be unique.

  • DO your homework (research into breast surgery), including asking us for our FREE GUIDES to having breast surgery, and be sure you understand what’s involved before you select the right implant for you, your body and your lifestyle.
  • Phone our care team on (03) 8849 1444 for information.

Other implant concerns may involve where it becomes mal-positioned (in a different position from where it should be or was inserted). Motiva brand implants states they may offer a more protective capacity to avoid mal-positioning problems, but sometimes this relates to other factors – such as pocket size or placement or lifestyle factors – and not purely the brand of breast implants.

  • There’s another issue with implants that may occur in some patients, depending on the implant.
  • Some types or forms of breast implants are suggested as being able to end up having a biofilm and causing infections.
  • Handling of the implants IS likely to have an effect, however.
  • Many Surgeons today choose to use the Kennel Funnel for insertion of the implant into the pocket.
  • There are also 14 recommended operation patient-safety steps aimed at helping to reduce or minimise the risks of having breast implants.

Infections or inflammation, if they occur, MAY lead to capsular contracture or other difficulties and MAY result in needing the breast implants removed or replaced.

Is Motiva Different from other Breast Implants?

Motiva breast implant research suggests that some of these unwanted situations are thought to be potentially helped by a specially-designed implant.

*Disclaimer:  Results depend on individual patient circumstances and can vary significantly. Results may also be impacted by a variety of factors including your lifestyle, weight, nutritional intake and overall health. Consult your Specialist Plastic Surgeon for details. Also, this information is general in nature and is not intended to be medical advice nor does it constitute a doctor-patient relationship. Surgery risks and complications will be covered in detail during a consultation with your Surgeon.

Motiva Implants® – New Technology – May Be a Good Option for some women wanting breast enlargement

  • Motiva Implants® are medical-grade silicone implants
  • The Motiva brand of Breast Implants have been extensively tested in three major areas – chemically, physically and biologically.
  • All their raw materials are purchased from one of the largest U.S. silicone manufacturers that has served the medical field for more than 30 years.
  • They have a specially designed form and texture.
  • Some Surgeons claim this type of breast implant results in a reduced capsular contracture risk – but more data is still being collected.

The manufacturer’s philosophy – an mission – seems to be to exceed current quality standards for breast implants.

In fact, their concern for potential implant recalls based on implant recalls of other companies in the past has prompted them to add new technology to breast implants, so they may be better tracked.

Their “wearable” (but inside!) technology helps your FUTURE medical team identify details of the selected implant.

In the past there was a recall of Implants, but it involved ones NOT in the body.

Many patients have lived with breast implants for 10 years and even longer, with no concerns. Ask us for details by phoning (03) 8849 1444.

But with the technology in the implant itself, with Motiva brand implants that have that feature, then if there ever WERE an event of a potential breast implant recall (quite rare), then women could be more easily contacted for removal and replacement of their breast implants.

Will a Motiva implant rupture less readily than other implants?

Ask us for a Breast Surgery Guide or a Brochure for details; or ask your Surgeon during a consultation.

  • As another example of exceeding current industry standards, the force at breaking of the implant is four times above the required amount decided by the ASTM F703-07 Standard.
  • In scientific tests on the strength of the impact, the Motiva Implants® rupture rates fall below 0.1%.

Plus, to address the potential risks of an infection, lab tests showed the level(s) of endotoxin(s) on the breast implants BEFORE sterilization was only 1% of the maximum value. That’s sounding very low!

This suggests the implant is “clean” before it comes out of the package, and “cleaner” after sterilization.

Excellent sterilization processes at your Hospital theatre remain a crucial factor in patient-safety for an operation. Don’t risk overseas cosmetic surgery tourism or flying just after having surgery.

Sterilisation during manufacturing is important to Motiva, and the manufacturers report adhering to very high standards.

With Motiva implants, the insertion process is all about improving sterilisation across every step of the procedure. But most Surgeons follow these points anyway, no matter what the implant they’ve selected.

  • The Motiva implant is said to only be placed into the breast pocket (body) AFTER sterilization, during the surgical procedure.
  • The standards used for this type of testing were based on the U.S. and European Pharmacopoeias.

This low level of endotoxins reported by Motiva’s researchers, may relate to the fact that Motiva Implants® are not manufactured via texturing the implants with salt or sugar on the implant shell which is how some other implant shells are made.

Motiva Implants® Silk Surface® and Velvet Surface® are made with bio-compatible materials – all without salt or sugar – and this is believed by the manufacturers to reduce some complication risks.


But do all you can, including NOT smoking, and getting good rest and proper nutrition, to minimise your risks (and recognise that not all risks can be controlled for). But choose a Surgeon who does all he or she can to reduce risks by monitoring sterilisation and other processes.

This may be all well and good, you may be thinking, but it’s what the women think about the implants that matters most. What do they think?

  • Manufacture’s report patient satisfaction rates with Motiva implants was around 94.5%.
  • That’s very, very high – so it’s a good idea to keep any eye on all related research.
  • But we feel you are in good stead with Mentor OR with Motiva brands, so we offer both brands at our Melbourne clinic location.

What Else You Should Know about Breast Implants from Motiva, the breast  implant manufacturer and supplier

There are some other things you should know about the Motiva Implants®:

  1. MRI’s –  Yes, you can still have an MRI scan with these implants.
  2. The MAXIMUM temperature rise that occurs in the implant with an MRI scan is 3 degrees Celsius (6 degrees F), and that’s after 15 minutes of continuous scanning.
  3. This is considered beneficial, because if IF your breast implants were to heat up to much hotter temperatures during an MRI scan, there’s a chance this could be a risk to the integrity of your implants.
  4. Motiva says they feel this MRI risk is minimised as their implants show a very low rise in temperature.

The Motiva Breast Implants contain gel (silicon) that has the potential to adapt to your needs while maintaining the shape of the implant over time – this is Motiva’s claim and it means these implants MIGHT be a good choice if you have a very athletic, active lifestyle or might need regular MRI’s for a particular health concern.

All Breast Implants Still Have Some Guidelines

Like other implants, there are choices OTHER than which implant brands to choose from (Mentor or Motiva) for women who choose to get their breasts enlarged.



Some breast implant choices NOT related to implant manufacturer or brand, include:

  1. Profile of the implant, size of the breast implant
  2. Submuscular or subglandular placement or even dual plane placement (where the implant is positioned and what the pocket looks like, inside) – which may also impact on your outcomes, aesthetically and otherwise;
  3. How much ptosis (breast droopiness) they are trying to remedy with an Augmentation and whether the skin can handle the weight of the implant without bottoming out or drooping (do you need an augmentation or perhaps an Augmentation and a Breast Lift, combined?)
  4. Possible difficulty reading mammography exams.
  5. Silicone-filled breast implants are NOT expected to last an entire lifetime and the “lifetime warranty” means the expected lifetime of the breast implant, not the person getting it put in.
  6. There is always a chance that you will have to have additional surgery to remove the implant. You may or may not replace it at that time.
  7. You still should perform monthly self-breast checks but do these gently.
  8. Any type of breast surgery could potentially interfere with breastfeeding, based on how the procedure is done by the surgeon, and your physique – but many women successfully breast feed after getting breast implants; and even women who’ve never had augmentation surgery may be unable to breast feed – ask your Surgeon for details during a no-obligation consultation.

Be sure you choose a Genuine Specialist Plastic Surgeon for Cosmetic Surgery – not a dentist, GP or a Dermatologist Skin Doctor.

Discuss with your genuine Plastic Surgeon (look for FRACS & ASAPS, ASPS and ISAPS to be sure you’re dealing with a Specialist in Plastic, Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery) – which type of breast implant is going to suit your physique, and lifestyle, and goals, best.

Let your Surgeon have input into the final decision, as your Surgeon will have since hundreds or thousands of patients over the years.  So choose a Surgeon you trust, AND make an informed, educated decision about which brand of implants – and which size – is going to be the better choice for you.

We offer 3D imaging to help you decide on sizing.  Phone us on (03) 8849 1444 and ask us for details.

We look forward to serving you!

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Unsure about the Plastic Surgery and procedure that might be best to address your concerns?

Our Specialist Plastic Surgeons located in Melbourne will be able to assess your desired goals and suggest the best options for your breast enlargement procedure .

Please contact a Patient Care Team at Cosmetic Surgery for Women & Men today to book your consultation.

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Research articles for further reading:

 2012 Dec;130(6):1352-9. doi: 10.1097/PRS.0b013e31826d9f66.

Last updated: 21/10/2019
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