Less is More: How the best rejuvenation results come from having a light touch and a highly-experienced eye

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Blog by Senior Injector Nurse Sandra

Is your face ageing prematurely?

Are you starting to have slightly sagging jowls or upper eyelids, deeper lines on your forehead or around your eyes, or lost volume around your cheeks or temples?

If so, you might be exploring your options for rejuvenation procedures, including non-surgical ‘liquid facelifts’ such as injectable treatments.  Chances are, however, that you’ve seen some not-so-great effects.

Less-than-desirable results from an injection treatment are often related to over-use of injectables, as well as the wrong injecting sites or injection strategy — or a patient insisting on injectables at a stage when a different procedure — such as a facelift or eyelid lift — would actually get them a far better result.

Injection treatments can do wonders for appearance rejuvenation – but the best results often require a light touch and a highly-experienced eye

Our Cosmetic Physician, Dr Tina Purdon and our Injecting Nurse, Sandra Wallace, affirm that what patients REALLY prefer is a natural-looking outcome.

They indicate this is where some practitioners get a bit over-zealous or fail to understand the best methods for getting the right results for the patient’s appearance aims.

Sandra says that treatments for natural looking results are best performed using these three criteria:

  • a light touch – not overusing fillers or muscle-relaxing injectables
  • precise injection placement
  • a thorough knowledge of the anatomy of the muscles, fat and tendons of the face

PLUS – the right high quality injecting products, non-diluted, are important to get the best results.*

Individualised Injecting Strategies are crucially important — your Injector should explain what they are aiming for and how they plan to get it

Extensive injecting training and years of experience — along with a somewhat conservative approach — are often required to design EFFECTIVE injecting strategies that can help individual patients get pleasing and natural looking results.

ANTI-AGEING Injectables: Less Really Can Mean More

Anti-Wrinkle injection products are commonly used, and — if used in a skillful and effective way — can be particularly effective in creating a healthy looking complexion.



“What many people forget however, is that like anything very powerful, muscle-relaxing injecting products have to be used with care,” notes Senior Cosmetic Injecting Nurse, Sandra.

“Using too much can lead to changes that are very different from what you might be after,” affirms Sandra.

Sandra states she does get some injection treatment clients who come into her office looking ‘overdone’.

“Many people think – ‘if a little bit is good, than a lot much be better.’

“Unfortunately,” affirms Sandra, “this isn’t the case with a product as powerful as a facial-muscle-relaxant product.  If you use TOO much, the anti wrinkle agent can have a reverse effect on you. You can actually end up looking older, not younger.”

The “30+” versus “almost 40” set: How some people can actually end up looking older due to over-use of injectable options

The overuse of injectable treatments has led to the creation of a new syndrome – the over 30’s/under 40 set.

What are the Over Thirties and Under Forties Sets using Injectables?

As the years start mounting, more people are turning to Injectables to help restore a healthy and less-wrinkled appearance to their skin.

At the same time as people in their 40s, 50s and 60s are using injectables for rejuvenation, people in their 30’s are using injectables for feature enhancement, such as on their lips, cheeks or brows.

“But too often they are OVER ENHANCING their key features,” states Sandra.

“If unchecked, over-enhancement with injectables can start to impact their youthfulness.  So while people in their 40s are looking younger, some people in their 30s — who haven’t sought highly-skilled advice on injectcables — are starting to look older than they actually are.”

“So now I see two types of clients,” notesSandra.

“It’s now not uncommon for some NEW clients who are 30 years old to look almost 40 — while my existing 40+ clients are looking closer to 30, because we use a very natural-looking approach.”

brow lift surgery, eyelid lift, blepharoplasty in Melbourne

Can overuse of injectable Treatments be corrected?

Sandra often helps people who’ve gone a bit too far — or a lot too far — with other practitioners — and who end up looking like a ‘puffer fish.’

But reversing over-use of injectables is NOT always a simple, quick or straightforward process.”

“It often requires educating clients about what best actually best suits their facial structure and skin condition in order to get a more-harmonious and natural looking appearance.”

So remember, don’t overdo it with injectable treatments.

“And don’t forget about other simple helpers – good nutrition, mineral makeup, the latest Healite II rejuvenation treatments using light therapy, skin boosters and a variety of other laser and light-based skin rejuvenation treatments.”

“The right combination of procedures can make a magical visual impact – way better than injectables alone,” notes Sandra.

NOTE: Sandra will be performing a LIVE Injection Treatment (Natural Looking Lip-Enhancement) at our MAY event.

Summary: there’s no substitute for using a highly-experienced Practitioner who has a conservative approach, especially if you’re afraid of looking ‘over-done.’

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Last updated: 08/08/2018
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