ABC’s Four Corners Special Report on Cosmetic Surgery


In the latest Plastic Surgery NEWS updates this month is ABC’s Four Corners’ special episode on Cosmetic Surgery and Cosmetic Injections.

Which COSMETIC or PLASTIC SURGERY VIDEOS are really worth watching?

Our Surgeons recommend watching the ABC’s Four Corners report called “Beauty’s NEW “normal'” – an investigative story about how patients sometimes take cosmetic surgery ‘a bit too lightly’ and fail to understand that NOT all surgeons are ALIKE in skills, accreditation and training.

ABC’s FOUR CORNERS investigative report covered the discount cosmetic surgery industry (targeting breast implant patients in Sydney).

  • It HIGHLIGHTS why you should ALWAYS INVESTIGATE who is operating on you if you’re shopping for price.
  • This includes finding out IF YOUR SURGEON is actually a bonafide Specialist Plastic Surgeon – versus some “other type” of doctor such as a skin doctor, dentist or GP.
  • It reminds patients also of the fact that if something goes wrong with your surgery overseas or from a discount group, you may have ZERO recourse for remedying the problems with your cosmetic surgery result.
  • We strongly advise patients to choose the BEST Surgeon they can find, and to ensure their surgeon is ACTUALLY a Plastic Surgeon.
  • Find out WHY SECOND opinions are also worth it!


COSMETIC SURGERY and PLASTIC SURGERY in the news in 2018 include the Four Corners report on Cosmetic Surgery, Breast Augmentation and Cosmetic Injecting.

Stories featured in the ABC Four Corners Cosmetic Surgery episode, which first aired in August of 2018, covered:

  • cosmetic surgery being more MAINSTREAM than ever before – e.g., available to MOST of the population, not just celebrities or well-off individuals
  • PATIENT AGE RANGES – younger patients having procedures
  • DISCOUNT PRICING PROBLEMS and public perception of needing DISCOUNTS on breast jobs – only to find out low cost breast augmentation can lead to problems
  • NON-SURGICAL INJECTIONS – the fact they ARE invasive to a point and hence, are risky!
  • PERMANENT DISFIGUREMENT for patients who didn’t realise they chose a Cosmetic surgeon versus an actually accredited Specialist Plastic Surgeon
  • PATIENT CONFUSION on what they’re getting and how much CAN go wrong with surgery – especially when weren’t being fully informed on WHO is doing the operation

Popular Cosmetic Surgery procedures – VIDEO SYNOPSIS

Cosmetic Surgery Patients had problems when they chose discount breast surgery that ended up being performed by less experienced doctors and doctors-in-training, who were NOT recognised or qualified as RACS Specialists.

Our Surgeons’ recommendations for BEING MORE INFORMED before making a decision:

  • The FOUR CORNERS “Beauty’s New Normal” report video is important to watch for ALL consumers, but especially if you’re like most people – not exactly clear about the DIFFERENCES between a so-called COSMETIC SURGEON vs a PLASTIC SURGEON.
  • It also highlights the elevated procedure RISKS of taking up cheap breast implant surgery offers advertised online, including that some Sydney-based Cosmetic Surgery groups were reported as having had less than a 2 day training course on surgery BEFORE operating on real patients at Clinics that are NOW under parliamentary inquiries and/or class action lawsuits.


Clickon the video link to ABC’s Four Corners news reporting on the Cosmetic Industry including Breast Augmentation and Cosmetic Injections

“BEAUTY’s NEW NORMAL” VIDEO (ABC Four Corners) – Episode summary by our Blogging Team


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How to RESEARCH your Plastic Surgeon or Cosmetic SURGEON.


Be sure to ask:

  • WHERE THEY OPERATE – If they CAN operate in a real hospital if you wanted your surgery there vs JUST a back room or private facility they manage themselves?
  • IF they are certified as a Specialist Plastic, Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgeon according to AHPRA – or do they belong only to a self-managed group calling themselves cosmetic surgeons?

Ask yourself: have they reached the highest level of training and qualifications as a Specialist in that arena of surgery? Or are they NOT EVEN a member of RACS – yet alone NOT a genuine Plastic Surgeon?

This information should leave you BETTER equipped for choosing a Surgeon who has the RIGHT qualifications, training, skills and expertise to meet your needs.

Remember, cosmetic surgery and cosmetic injections are both invasive procedures and carry risks you need to carefully consider. Be sure you know what your Surgeon’s qualifications are as well as their memberships and AHPRA registration details.

** Note that our Specialist Surgeons in Melbourne and Sydney have from TWO decades to over FOUR decades each of surgical experience in cosmetic, plastic and reconstructive surgery procedures. They have performed thousands of procedures in Australian hospitals with fully accredited Anaesthetists. At our best-practice focused GROUP in Melbourne, you’ll have several FRACS Qualified Specialist Plastic Surgeons to select from for your breast, body and face or nose procedures.

Recommended reading for Plastic Surgery patients having cosmetic surgery in Australia


Next, watch the Four Corners VIDEO “Beauty’s New Normal” – a warning segment about cosmetic surgery and injections – before you choose your Surgeon.

Read more about cosmetic injecting risks and that part of the Four Corners episode and Louise Milligan’s report.

Find out WHAT TOP 5 FACTORS influence your surgery results – good or bad!

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