8 Tips For Choosing The Right Plastic Surgeon

cosmetic surgeon or plastic surgeon which is best

Are you currently choosing a Plastic Surgeon for your Cosmetic or Plastic Surgery? How can you research your Surgeon and know you’re making a good choice?

Well, by doing this, you’ll increase the likelihood of getting the best possible surgical experience, with the best possible surgeon. You will need to consider was is important for you. We highly advise you don’t ‘price shop’ for something as important, long-lasting and visible as your cosmetic plastic surgery. Find out how to take steps to avoid a surgery disaster and do your research.

Here are 8 tips to help you find the right Plastic Surgeon

1. Find the right surgeon

  • In selecting your surgeon, your first challenge is to develop a list of candidates.
  • Not all medical practitioners performing cosmetic surgery are plastic surgeons or even practitioners with formal surgery qualifications.
  • So where do you start?

2. Ask your friends what Plastic Surgeon they recommend for cosmetic surgery procedures

  • At Cosmetic Surgery for Women, many of our patients have been referred to us via ‘word of mouth’ from our satisfied patients.
  • We often see our patients for continuing treatment and further procedures which is a testament to our standards of care and our visible results.
  • Even so, it’s helpful to read reviews online once you’ve got a name from a friend.

3. Ask your local GPs or reputable Private Hospitals who they recommend (but still do your homework)

  • GP’s and Hospitals can refer you to a specialist or certified plastic surgeon for your procedure.
  • Cosmetic Surgery for Women and Men receives hundreds of referrals from GP’s every year who believe we can provide their patients with an excellent service.

4. Contact the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS)

  • The ASPS can give you advice and provide you with a list of members who are accredited.
  • All ASPS members are fully qualified in both reconstructive and cosmetic surgery with a record of accomplishment in this field and a commitment to ethical standards.
  • Cosmetic Surgery for Women is a member of ASPS and receives many referrals each year.

5. Look for Articles in the Media

  • Cosmetic Surgery for Women and Men and our Specialist Plastic Surgeons feature regularly in print and broadcast media.
  • This is an indication of our level of experience and the acknowledgement of our expertise. You may have seen our surgeons in the Team Claire, Vogue, 60 Minutes, Body & Soul, and online publications like Mamamia.
  • Articles that will help you recognise the difference.

6. Check Your Surgeon’s Credentials before agreeing to surgery

  • Before making any decision, you must check a surgeon’s qualifications, experience and credentials.
  • Credentials can’t guarantee a positive outcome but they may significantly reduce your risk if you’re choosing between a non-credentialed, less experienced surgeon and a bonafide Plastic Surgeon.
  • At Cosmetic Surgery For Women and Men, our team of plastic surgeons training and accreditation tend to exceed all national benchmarks for training and expertise.
  • Our Surgeon also commits to continued education, and you regularly see them attend globally renowned Plastic Surgery Conferences in Australia and across the globe.
  • You are in safe hands – we look after sterilisation, safety and comfort as you move through your procedure (but be sure you do YOUR role, too, as what you do DOES matter in terms of getting a good result).
  • Be honest, too, with your chosen Surgeon.
board certified top plastic surgeons
This Graphic shows the difference in education between and Plastic Surgeon and a Cosmetic Surgeon.


7. Arrange an Initial Consultation to receive personalised information about what’s possible for you

  • In your consultation, you need to be reassured, your questions need to be appropriately answered and your decision should be easily made whether it is to go ahead with the treatment or not.
  • There’s never any pressure and no obligation to proceed with surgery after attending a consultation.
  • There even a cooling-off period and mandatory waiting time (sorry, no rushing into surgery as impulsive surgery decisions can be made for the wrong reasons).
  • At your consultation, you should ask all the questions necessary and your surgeon should answer all the questions you need. Most importantly, your surgeon should not rush you into a decision. At Cosmetic Surgery For Women, we believe information and education are the cornerstones to any decision made about your body.

8. Make an informed decision after researching your procedure and reading through Plastic Surgery Guides

  • Now you have all the information you need you once you understand the differences, you should be able to make an informed decision on choosing a Plastic Surgeon.
  • These guides will contain important information you should be aware of before booking in for cosmetic surgery.
  • To know the difference between a fully qualified Plastic, Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgeon vs a ‘Cosmetic Surgeon’ take note of your surgeons credentials.



Last updated: 02/10/2019
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Michelle Staughton
Michelle Staughton is a Patient Education Interviewer and Patient Care Coordinator for several top Plastic Surgeons in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. With over FOUR years’ experience helping plastic surgery patients at Cosmetic Surgery for Women and Men, after having been a patient herself, Michelle offers a wealth of knowledge to help surgical patients with cosmetic and plastic surgery planning and recovery tips.