7 Ways Vaginal Lasers MIGHT be able to Improve Your SEX Life


Can Vaginal Rejuvenation Lasers really improve your SEX life? While vaginal laser treatment MIGHT NOT suit every woman’s concerns, for many women, the answer is YES.

  • That’s because a series of vaginal laser treatments with the right lasers (MonaLisa Touch) helps to improve lubrication, vaginal area skin firmness and general comfort during sexual intercourse/sexual intimacy.
  • This treatment is particularly applicable for patients who have found no other solutions for reducing painful sex/dyspareunia.

Vaginal Laser Treatments for Atrophy, Dryness and Painful Sex (Dyspareunia)

  • Vaginal laser treatments have helped many women enjoy a more pleasurable, comfortable OR less painful sexual experience
  • If these are your concerns, read the details of Vaginal Laser treatments using the MonaLisa Touch laser system

The MonaLisa Touch system uses a high-tech CO2 laser that has two separate types of laser applicators (hand pieces) to apply light-based treatments (laser beams) – one laser application device for treating vaginal skin AND a different laser application device (handpiece) for treating facial skin.

7 WAYS Vaginal Lasers Can WORK to help your sex life

Here is what women say the Mona Lisa Touch vaginal laser treatment can help with, including improving their sex life:

  1. SKIN: Improving vaginal area skin firmness/skin health (improving Vaginal Tightness by reducing laxity and revitalising skin thickness)
  2. LUBRICATION: Better Natural Lubrication because the functional aspects of the skin become revitalised from laser stimulation effects
  3. REDUCED CREAMS FOR VAGINAL ITCHING: Less Dryness reduces the need for constant vaginal creams or suppositories to reduce itching (see your doctor to rule out other conditions)
  4. CONTINENCE: Mild urinary incontinence benefits (lasers can be a good option to treat mild urinary incontinence or stress incontinence)
  5. LABIA: Labia revitalisation (skin rejuvenation) gives minor tightening and/or smoothing of skin and re-stimulates skin function(s)
  6. COMFORT vs PAIN: Treatment for Dyspareunia (reducing painful sexual intercourse)
  7. CONFIDENCE: Improved sexual confidence when you feel BETTER about reducing your vaginal area concerns


How can a vaginal laser improve your sex life?  The MonaLisa Touch secret.

Lubrication and Firmness of the inner Vaginal Canal and/or Labia

  • Firstly, vaginal laser treatments MAY help your sex life by reducing skin laxity and reducing inner vaginal dryness as well as improving vaginal tissue tone.
  • This means you’ll be able to become more naturally lubricated when you become aroused AND/OR experience a firmer inner vaginal feeling rather than one that feels very lax (loose) or atrophied after having children.
  • Mild urinary incontinence can also be treated with vaginal lasers (some patients get great results with this but it may not work for every form of incontinence); but having more continence can also improve physical and emotional comfort during moments of physical intimacy.

Be aware, however, that every patient responds differently to vaginal laser treatments. Plus, you’ll need about 3 or more treatments, a month apart, before seeing results.

Thicker Skin less prone to irritation or friction-related discomfort

Secondly, with more lubrication and thicker skin, your body can function a bit more like it did before you started experiencing thin skin, dry skin or other concerns.

Less Bladder Leakage / Increased continence or reduced incontinence

Thirdly, if the treatment does help you to reduce mild urinary incontinence, you’ll likely feel less embarrassed by urine leakage such as dampness or odours.

Note that these results may vary from patient to patient and the treatment may not be effective for all women or all health conditions.



Thin, dry vaginal skin can feel uncomfortable, especially during sex.

This vaginal laser technology can firm up and thicken the skin for suitable candidates, as well as improve natural moisture levels or vaginal lubrication.

A vaginal laser can even slightly tighten or firm up the skin of your inner labia, much as DOT Laser Skin Therapy rejuvenates the facial skin using CO2 laser technology.

Find out more by scheduling a confidential consultation with Dr Tina Purdon, our female GP and Cosmetic Physician at Coco Ruby in Melbourne. Phone (03) 8849 1444 and request an assessment for the MonaLisa Touch Vaginal Laser Therapy treatment option.

You’ll find Dr Purdon extremely caring and easy to talk with, and she has years of experience as a GP and women’s health consultant physician in Melbourne and Banyule.

Vaginal Laser Treatments and how they work to help you have a better, more comfortable experience during SEXUAL intercourse


  • The primary way vaginal lasers WORK to help women improve their sex lives is by helping sexual intercourse FEEL more comfortable AND less dry, LESS PAINFUL.
    • Vaginal lasers can be an effective treatment option for suitable candidates
    • A series of treatments often helps reduce symptoms of painful sexual intercourse (dyspareunia), a condition many women suffer from and for which there have been little successful treatments for in the past.
  • Lasers also help improve URINARY CONTINENCE and skin firmness
    • When mild leakage or mild urinary incontinence or stress incontinence are a concern (e.g., bladder leakagedampness and odours when you sneeze or cough or lift something heavy), the treatments may reduce or alleviate most of these symptoms
    • A series is required and maintenance follow-ups may also be necessary
    • Not all women will be helped but many will
  • Read a Harvard Health article on DIFFERENT TYPES OF URINARY INCONTINENCE here.

Is a Vaginal Laser guaranteed to get results?

  • As with any treatment having different causes and varying degrees, patient selection and adherence to the treatment plan is imperative for good results
  • Not everyone will benefit but many women DO get results (however, not all)
  • In our clinic in Melbourne, we have yet to hear reports of dissatisfaction with the results from Mona Lisa Touch brand vaginal laser treatments
  • So if you’re a suitable candidate with vaginal tissue or lubrication concerns that are impacting your love life or sexual experiences, vaginal laser treatments may be a very helpful modality to explore.

Suitable candidates may experience a noticeable improvement in vaginal skin tissue strength and lubrication, as well as improvements in mild incontinence and labia skin texture or firmness. These improvements in turn can help women have a better sex life or more comfortable sexual intercourse.

It can also help women re-store more vaginal lubrication, which reduces friction-based irritation of the vaginal tissues.  And some women appreciate that it helps them have more intensive orgasms, by rejuvenating the vaginal area and comfort levels with their private parts – but there’s no guarantee.

Vaginal Laser Treatments – How many, how far apart to help your sex life?

  • It depends on what you’re starting with and what you’re aiming to treat.
  • Not all women have the same results but most patients report quite positive improvements in relation to their vaginal tissues, natural vaginal lubrication, inner labia skin (if treated), stress incontinence and/or sex lives.

Average number of vaginal laser treatments needed?

  • Some women will get benefits from just a few treatments, but the recommended number for most patients is 3 vaginal laser treatment sessions, about 4 to 5 weeks apart.
  • Typically you’ll want to be sure to have your 2nd and 3rd treatments within 6 weeks of the last treatment.
  • Your GP will advise you of the treatment plan and further details of suitability, risks, recovery times (usually very minimal although you’ll need to avoid sex for nearly a week), and re-treatment times, if necessary.
  • But the minimum treatment series is usually 3 treatments within 4 to 5 months, followed by maintenance treatments every 12 to 24 months or as required.
  • Note that patient treatment sessions and results can vary significantly; ask our female GP what to expect and if you’re a good candidate for vaginal laser treatments in Melbourne.

Vaginal laser treatment gaps: you’ll typically be recommended to have at least 3 separate treatments over 3 to 4 months. This may vary slightly from patient to patient.

You are also likely to benefit from – or require – maintenance ‘top up’ vaginal laser treatments every two years to keep symptoms such as vaginal dryness or laxity – even painful sex – at bay.  And this can vary from patient to patient, so your treatment will be customised by our female GP for Vaginal Laser treatments, Dr Tina Purdon, who offers Mona Lisa Touch Laser Treatments at Coco Ruby Skin & Anti-Ageing in Melbourne.

Read more on Dr Tina Purdon here or phone (03) 8849 1444 to schedule an appointment to assess your suitability for vaginal rejuvenation laser treatments at our Melbourne clinic.


Each vaginal laser treatment takes less than 15 to 20 minutes after your first consultation appointment. 

The cost of three treatments is $1500 as a series.

The treatments are performed by female G.P., Dr Tina Purdon, at the Melbourne Clinic in Hawthorn.

Vaginal lasers are increasingly popular, as women become more aware of the benefits of laser skin rejuvenation treatments that help reduce vaginal laxity and improve vaginal canal skin function including lubrication.

*At least 3 treatments, undertaken about 4 to 6 weeks apart, are required for best results. But every woman is unique and variability of treatment times or duration is expected. Other factors can impact your sex life, but if your concerns are laxity, dryness or lubrication, this treatment may help.

Contact our offices on (03) 8849 1444 to schedule a confidential consultation with a female doctor in Melbourne.


We hear great things from our patients who have tried Mona Lisa Touch Vaginal Rejuvenation Lasers, including that vaginal lasers have improved their sex life.

We have reviewed numerous case studies of patients who participated in early use of the MonaLisa Touch treatments at our Clinics.

There’s a lot this treatment can accomplish for patients who undertake the treatment series as instructed, such as:

  • increased confidence by decreasing incontinence
  • improved tightness of the vaginal canal
  • might achieve minor tightening and revitalisation of the labia (treatment dependent)
  • increase natural lubrication functions during sex
  • reduce dyspareunia

Here’s what our Surveys of vaginal treatments of the vaginal area have suggested in terms of beneficial results.


Mona Lisa Vaginal Laser Sessions: It rarely hurts, it’s a very quick treatment and you’ll notice results in just a few week’s or a few month’s time.

Most women are amazed that the vaginal laser treatment isn’t uncomfortable. But it makes sense, if you think about the nerve endings in the vaginal canal.

There can be some discomfort if the labia area is also treated, but it’s brief and quickly passing for most women.

And treating that area is optional. If the size, shape or length of your labia are concerning to you, ask your Vaginal Laser Practitioner to treat the labia area as well as the canal. Alternatively, ask for a consultation with one of our female Plastic Surgeons who performs functional labiaplasty. But for many women, this vaginal laser treatment series using MonaLisa Touch laser technology has a subtle labia tightening or minor labia reduction effect.

What does the Mona Lisa Vaginal Laser actually DO for your labia, your vaginal canal and your sex life?

  • The Mona Lisa Vaginal Laser treatment improve the skin below (even producing a minor tightening effect of the labia area, depending on whether or not you ask your Practitioner to treat that area as well as the vaginal canal).
  • It can have numerous benefits for women who have had children or passed through menopause.

It can also help women who had sexual organs impacted by cancer treatments, such as chemotherapy, radiation and/or surgical removal, who now suffer skin dryness or a lack of lubrication.

To find out if this vaginal laser treatment will work for YOU to help improve your sex life, you’ll need to schedule a personal consultation with our female Practitioner. Simply phone us on (03) 8849 1444 or send us an enquiry form (further down this page).

Yes, Vaginal Lasers MIGHT help Improve Your Sex Life – here’s how!

Many factors go into a satisfactory sex life.

But some times physical symptoms can deter having a great time with your partner in the bedroom. Symptoms such as mild urinary incontinence, lax vaginal skin or labia, dyspareunia (pain during sexual intercourse), excessively dry vaginal skin or a lack of adequate lubrication during sex, may be improved with these innovative laser treatments.

vaginal lasers can improve-your-sex-life- Mona Lisa Melbourne


So given vaginal lasers can improve your sex life, what is the MonaLisa Laser treatment actually like?

  • You will first need an appointment to discuss your vaginal concerns and medial history to see if you’re a good candidate for a vaginal laser treatment.
  • The GP will discuss your options and give you a quote for 3 sessions (it works best if you do the full series and you might not get good results if you just do one treatment).  Some women may need a few extra sessions, but most women only need 3 sessions over 3-5 months, about every 4 to 6 weeks apart.

You’ll then need to schedule and attend these appointments as instructed.

  • The sessions are similar to getting a vaginal examination and take under 15 minutes for the actual treatment, often less.
  • The technology uses a CO2 laser technology, similar to DOT therapy that is used to revitalise the facial skin for rejuvenation.
  • You may feel slightly tender afterwards, and will be given instructions for caring for your vaginal area for the first few days after treatment.
  • You will likely be told to avoid sexual intercourse for a few days after treatment.

MonaLisa Touch Vaginal Laser Treatments are repeated every 4 to 6 weeks for a total of 3 or more treatments and annual or bi-annual maintenance treatments.

  • Let your treating Practitioner know about changes in symptoms such as better lubrication, reduced incontinence, tighter or firmer feeling skin in the vaginal canal or less painful intercourse (this treatment may become the go-to treatment for painful sex or dyspareunia).
  • Top-up treatments may be suggested at yearly intervals or every 2 years.

Want to try this unique laser treatment to improve your vaginal canal or labia skin, and return better lubrication and other benefits that may help improve your sex life?

Phone us today on (03) 8849 1444 or email us by sending in an enquiry contact form, below.

Read more about the Mona Lisa Touch CO2 laser on the Vaginal Laser Treatment information page.

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