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Melbourne’s Highly Experienced Team of Plastic Surgeons


From Left to Right: Dr Craig Rubinstein, Dr Douglas McManamny, Dr Geoff Barnett, Dr Rebecca WytenDr Richard Maxwell, Dr Tom Robbins and Dr Benjamin Burt.

Top Team of Specialist Plastic Surgeons and Revisional Surgery Professionals in Melbourne

Our leading MELBOURNE Team of Plastic Surgeons includes some of Melbourne’s top Specialist Surgeons for breast, body, face and nose surgery procedures.  We offer precision procedures from Tummy Tuck Surgery to Breast Surgery to Body Contouring and Liposuction to Facial Rejuvenation, Eyelid Lift Surgery and Rhinoplasty surgery. Our FRACS qualified Specialists Dr Craig Rubinstein, Dr Douglas McManamny,  Dr Richard Maxwell, Dr Rebecca Wyten, Dr Geoff Barnett and Dr Tom Robbins and our Oculoplastic & Eyelid/Browlift Surgeon Dr Benjamin Burt, FACS, are ALL highly-respected Specialists in their fields of Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery.

Each of our Melbourne Specialist Surgeons has certain SPECIALTY areas of focus for providing long-lasting, natural looking Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery for women and men.

Our Surgeon Teams also work closely with our leading skin care and facial rejuvenation Clinicians and Cosmetic Injectors at Coco Ruby Skin & Anti-Ageing. We believe that offering a full-range of proven techniques, surgical and non-surgical, gives our patients best practice care options for cosmetic, reconstructive or corrective changes.

As a cosmetic surgery or skin rejuvenation patient, you’ll benefit from our unique protocols for rapid recovery, scar minimisation, skin healing or full-facial rejuvenation using the latest technologies in light based skin healing treatments and skin resurfacing lasers. Our cosmetic services range from non-surgical options to special skin treatment preparations and facial enhancement injections to fully-customised surgical procedures.

Why is having options for skin rejuvenation, liposuction and non-surgical methods a good approach for Specialist Plastic Surgeons?

Combined pathways and skin healing treatments allow our Plastic Surgeon to implement effective combinations of services to get their patients a great result.  With a choice of numerous non-surgical rejuvenation options to customised surgical approaches, we help patients make cosmetic improvements at a holistic and harmonious level that take into account the patient’s physique, physiology and skin condition.

With onsite scar management treatments and light-based healing treatments offered to patients seeking to minimise their scars after cosmetic surgery, you’ll be privy to advanced care expertise throughout your surgery journey – from pre-surgery planning to post-surgery follow-up visits and Coco Ruby skin care treatments. 

Our Specialist Plastic Surgeons for cosmetic surgery have decades of expertise in helping individuals to enhance their appearances with artistic face, body or breast surgery as well as Revisional Surgery.

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If you’re considering breast augmentation, breast implant removal and replacement, a breast reduction or breast lift procedure, be sure you meet with one of our top Cosmetic Breast Surgery Specialists.  Our team also focuses on body contouring with liposuction, Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck) procedures, and facial surgery including Facelift, Neck Lift, Nose Reshaping (Rhinoplasty) and Eyelid Reduction Surgery to reduce sagging eyelids.  From head to toe, we’ve got you covered with our best practice cosmetic breast surgery, body contouring/liposuction and face, nose and eyelid surgery procedures. If you’ve been thinking about getting surgery for years, just phone one of our caring Patient Care Advisors today on (03) 8849 1444 or send an enquiry by submitting a form directly from this page.

Do you want to feel confident about your selected surgery? Do you want to feel relaxed knowing you’ve chosen a top Specialist Surgeon with decades of experience?

That’s where our team of FRACS qualified Plastic Surgeons and their Colleagues can help.

Having Cosmetic or Plastic Surgery is a significant event.  It’s not without risks, and every surgery should be fully customised by a seasoned Surgeon.

Every person is unique, and every procedure should take into account numerous variables, surgery options and considerations.  

Knowing you’re placing your cosmetic procedure in the care of a highly experienced FRACS (Plas) Specialist Plastic Surgeon – and knowing you’ll be assisted to maximise your results by getting top surgery preparation and post-op instructions – can often help you feel a bit more relaxed about your cosmetic surgery experience.

You’ll feel calmer and more at ease about your surgery knowing you’ve chosen a team renowned for:

  • Precision Surgical Skills – including for Complex, Reconstructive & Revisional Surgeries
  • A Team who offers Best-Practice Surgical Techniques and Post-Op Care including scar minimisation (no juniors) – we go the extra distance to make your journey a great experience
  • Platinum Procedures include post-op follow up care visits as well as Fraxel treatments, Healite II & Rapid Recovery products
  • NO-DRAIN Procedures available for most patients and procedures PLUS Rapid Recovery Protocols and Recommendations to facilitate healing
  • Dedicated to result excellence and post-surgical scar minimisation including Fraxel

Why choose our experienced Team of Highly Qualified Plastic Surgeons?

Our Melbourne Team of Specialists and Plastic Surgeons is one of the most experienced groups for Plastic & Cosmetic procedures in Australia.

You can relax more about your Surgeon choices knowing you’ve chosen a highly experienced and fully-qualified Plastic Surgeon. Our Surgeons perform surgery in fully-accredited Australian Hospitals, using only very-experienced Anaesthetists.  Our Surgeons are select members of an elite and highly experienced Group of Specialist Plastic Surgeons, offering you precision skills and patient care excellence at all levels of your surgery experience.

When you choose one of our Team of leading Melbourne Surgeons, you can also expect the best post-op scar minimisation treatments AND post-surgery healing facilitation protocols.

Our Commitment to Patient Care Excellence and Surgical Precision

Prestige Care & Surgical Precision for Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery

Our leading Specialist Plastic Surgeons are dedicated to providing patients with:

  • dignity, privacy, respect and considerate care at ALL stages of your surgical journey  
  • honest and informative consultations – collaborations, not dictations – we LISTEN to you
    • the best results come from having a genuine surgical planning collaboration between you & your Surgeon 
  • expert procedure advice and information to help you attain REALISTIC expectations about your procedure outcomes*
  • precision surgical skills and numerous measurements to get you excellent results*
  • high-tech Post-op Care Treatments and Rapid Recovery products to assist with your healing and recovery period
  • Healite II Post-Op Session or SkinCare Treatments and/or
  • Fraxel Scar Minimisation Treatments

If you are wanting to refine your appearance for your self — to either increase or restore confidence or to correct a deformity or reduce excess skin after weight loss surgery — please contact us by sending a Confidential Enquiry form.* Best-practice pre-surgical planning, precision surgical skills & post-op care excellence is important to your outcome — fortunately our Specialist Surgeons are meticulous about ALL of the stages of your surgical journey to help you get the best result from any particular procedure.*

During Clinic Hours, you can also call us on (03) 8849 1444 to find out more about your options in Melbourne (Hawthorn East, Berwick and Williamstown).  Please ask to speak to a Patient Care Advisor, who can answer your initial questions or arrange a meeting for you with one of our leading Plastic Surgeons.

Why not attend a FREE Practice EVENT and meet our Specialist Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Team?

You are welcome to attend one of our regular Practice Events – which are fun, informative evening sessions where you get to meet our Specialist Surgeons and learn more about your surgery and rejuvenation options.

Want a breast augmentation, breast lift, breast reduction or body contouring using liposuction? Our Melbourne team of Specialist Surgeons can help.

Connect with a Patient Care Coordinator by sending a confidential enquiry form, below. Or phone the Team during Clinic hours on (03) 8849 1444 for information.

Our Team looks forward to helping you get the body, face or breast contours you’ve been wanting.

* Individual results vary from patient to patient.